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  • Simon

    You are obviously not here to discuss things and are just attempting to disrupt other peoples use of this forum.
    This is a polite request to stop.
    Thank you

  • waiting

    Wow, Simon, you're so polite, particularily in view of the question as to whether this boy's testicles have descended yet. I don't mean to be impolite, but if he had any kind of social life, other than his hand, he wouldn't be here bothering us, would he?

  • ange2.0

    I know the original post was a while ago but can I just say how pathetic the person that posted this is. First, if you are a "true Witness", why are you on here? Could it be that somewhere deep down in your repressed little world, you actually DOUBT that this is the "Truth" and are just too afaid to make changes.

    I'm curious - have you grown up in "the truth" like I did? Were you fed poisonious lies since before you can remember? Are you old enough to have your own children yet? If so, are you feeding them the same tripe that you were fed - we don't "do" birthdays b/c of "scary beheadings" and no mention of them in the Bible?!

    What if your child is lying in a hospital bed, looking impossibly small and the ONLY option is a blood transfusion? This is not some infant that doesn't talk and you can stuff down more emotion that they'll be happier in the "new system" - this is a living, breathing, talking, loving, amazing 5+ year old that looks into your eyes and ask WHY? Why can't I live? Are you seriously prepared to tell that child, that adores you, b/c there might be a fairy tale far away land called " the new system" or "the new Order" or whatever craptastic name they're calling it and we'll frolic like fairies there so you should die now?

    If you belive that crap, go live it. But don't pick on individuals who have had the integrity and strength of moral and mental character to not be afraid to question and stand up for what doesn't feel right!

  • jwfacts

    Wow, the post is almost 10 years old. Incredible that this site has been going so long and to see how much affect the internet ended up having.

    He says "The idea that the WTS might actually be frightened of a pathetic group of dysfunctional witnesses airing out their grievances on the Internet is hilarious." The constant vilification shows that the WTS is frightened of the internet and the following graph shows why. Look at the growth rates prior to this post compared to afterwards. It halved virtually overnight after the internet.

  • asilentone

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