Is it Humanly Possible, that the writers believe this stuff?

by objectivetruth 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • TTATTelder

    I agree with Phizzy all the way.

    You don't just accidentally fall into this manipulative, propagandizing, deceptive, cult-speak.

    It is written with an agenda. Often the agenda centers around fear, guilt, and control.

  • objectivetruth

    I recently listened to Brother Dunlap's audio recording

    It makes much more sense now.. Anytime a witness sits down to prepare a part, or to write an article, his primary objective is to write the article in agreement with "Current Light". With this objective, naturally he will primarily consult the Insight book and the Watchtower Library, the Bible would be used only as a source for Supporting Quotes. It would not be necessary to fabricate new interpretations, they have already been done.

    This leads me to question, the person(s) that establish "New Light" what might their motives be? Is it more of the same? They are working with he set of doctrines, they have inherited?

    It's amazing that the only "Biblical Commentary" type book the Organization has ever produced (Aid Book) resulted in 2 or 3? of the 5 writers either leaving or getting booted from the Org.

  • objectivetruth

    TTATT Elder - Do you feel that the writers are knowingly being deceptive, or are they the omes whom are deceived the most?

    I know that there are some witnesses, who do not have pure Motives.. However I have known many Brothers that are Genuinely Good People.. And it seems That there must be 1-2 Individuals at the top, who have full knowledge of the Tactics being employed, but the rest are simply "The Blind Leading The Blind" Perhaps I'm naive though.

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