JW Records Request - United States

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  • cappytan

    C Lynne: Welcome!

    There's a lot of great stuff on here. There are even elders who leak information before the congregations even know about it.

    - Your pal.

  • C Lynne
    C Lynne
    Thanks!! I have a feeling I am going to become addicted to this website....
  • _Morpheus

    Hi Lynne , welcome :)

    its not that i dont understand on some level but even if you filed a law suit and some how miraculously won, its not as if you could ever know for sure that they didnt make a copy of the records before turning them over to you, and ultimately, you cannot erase the minds of those that were involved.

    Its ok to be mad, we all go through varying degrees and stages of it. As you noted your not even sure why you want them.... It sometimes helps to try to articulate these things. The effort helps to identify your end goal... In this particular case, wanting to see your records is indicative of wanting to know what they said about you behind your back maybe even wanting to take some control from them.

    All understandable.... whatever you THINK they said, they probably did. But they wouldnt have written it in the official record. And you wont get any control back in a time consuming and ultimately doomed lawsuit . Spend some time here. It may help in way you cant yet imagine

  • wifibandit

    We get similar inquires from time to time over at the exjw subreddit, people wanting their "file".

    Lots of times it comes down to Where you live. Privacy laws and data retention laws vary.

    I have heard of People in Australia getting their files, most notably Paul Grundy of www.jwfacts.com fame. Similar stories from EU countries.

    In the US? Not much luck. Where I live in TX? Hell would freeze over first before you got to see your "file"!

    The only (hypothetical) situation I can see, would be to have an Elder who is aware and sympathetic "loose" your file. The Secretary of your congregation would have it locked up in a cabinet at the hall.

    You could always have a sneaky M.S. with the keys to the KH pick the lock to the file cabinet and grab it!

    Anyways... Welcome C Lynne! If there is any kind of question you have, Please Ask!

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    Welcome to the board C Lynne....

    If you were at my Hall I would have got them for you. The file in our library is unlocked 1/2 the time. I think our Secretary is going senile.

  • millie210

    C. Lyne, welcome! We love your buddy Cappy and any friend of his is most welcome.

    Im sorry youve been through such a rough patch and I wish you the best...either success in getting your records or the ability to not give a **** about their silly paperwork - whichever or both!


  • rebel8

    C Lynne, my suggestion is to think more about why you want the files--what bothers you about it? Maybe you can come up with a way to resolve that underlying issue without taking on a lawsuit you won't likely win even after lots of time and $.

    Of course it's irritating on face value, but think about it--anybody can make a file on anyone else. The elders are just pathetic nobodies whose peers gave them a fake authority title, in a religion about an imaginary bearded sky daddy. What they write down is truly meaningless, once you distance yourself enough to see it for what it is.

  • C Lynne
    C Lynne
    My boyfriend called my old elders last night during their meeting and i think the elder almost shit his pants. He was so confused why he was asking for the file. He wouldn't even admit to him he was an elder!!! even though he was on my freaking judicial committee. They told him to call bethal.....I think sleeping dogs should lie maybe. OR....i could plan a secret mission to go undercover and steal my file. Thoughts of how to plan this mission? haha
  • LisaRose

    I think it's understandable that you would be interested in your file, but I doubt it would accomplish much for you in the long run. They probably don't write down everything that happened in the JC, so there is probably nothing there you don't already know. And even if there was something controversial in there it would be fixed before they released it to you and justified in their minds as "theocratic warfare" I.e. lying and cheating in the name of God.

    It's been said by many that a person can be disfellowshipped for anything three elders agree upon and it's true. Justice, fairness and mercy are not highly valued in this religion and many people have been unjustly disfellowshipped. The good thing is that nobody other than Jehovah's Witness care that you were disfellowshipped or why, so it will start to seem less and less important to you as you move on in your life.

  • _Morpheus
    If you want to push this call that asshole on a specific fact: bethel (in the USA) purposly does NOT keep those records. Only the local congregation keeps the notes from the comittee. Turn the screws that way.... But under no circumstances would i suggest breaking and entering.

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