JW Records Request - United States

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  • C Lynne
    C Lynne

    oh common Morpheus, we could wear black leather suits and propel down from the roof of building. I will die my hair purple as to add to my disguise. How fun would that be!!!! haha. jk....i would never break and enter

    I could get plastic surgery to change my looks so that I would be unrecognizable...then, id steal the secretary's keys by giving him a lap dance after which, i will trip the breaker in the KH so the power goes out....this is where I make my move on my file.

    Its genius.

  • wifibandit

    Sorry C Lynne, but Morpheus is right. You will be recognized. It will go like this...

  • C Lynne
    C Lynne

    bahahahaha. I love its always sunny in phili and I freaking love charlie day. I think i'd bang him given the chance, I really do.

    But yes, I would be recognized hence the plastic surgery. I'd have to get gigantic boobs so as to get the keys from the secretary....the plan is all based on plastic surgery and the big boobies.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    The congregation I was in kept them in a lock room behind the service counter. That was in the 90's. We had some dopey Elders, that same room was where the cleaning supplies were held. Even knew of an Elder that kept notes on peeps on his personal computer. He was eventually removed, but kinda of creepy.
  • C Lynne
    C Lynne
    ITS SO CREEPY. The whole process.
  • _Morpheus
    Ok lynn well between the tight leather and big boobs im turned on
  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Welcome C Lynne,

    I got you. With the anger fresh, you want to just turn it on them. but there is only so far you can go that it is beneficial to you. I went after one of the enders that removed me....hard. In the end he was a CO at one time and getting him removed wasn't going to happen. But......I got to embarrass the crap out of him and make him look like the fool he was. That was good enough for me. :)

    Also a guy like this will do way more damage to the congregation staying an elder than being removed.

    I say if you are up for it, send a letter. if you have the money, have your lawyer draw up the letter. But be prepared for a stone wall. Honestly, if you get it, what do you expect would happen? They call you an apostate, say you are a slut, and that they think you might even believe in evolution!! So what. What then.

    I FULLY understand wanting your pound of flesh. Get it. But just don't postpone your life over it.

    Once again welcome.

  • C Lynne
    C Lynne
    Morpheus- I don't have either of those. <- ashamed face BUT I don't have a penis!! ....and thanks for making me die laughing.

    Problemaddict- YES i am infuriated....but, again after these past few days of lots of drinking, and not sleeping...I think I have decided i to let it go. I have worked so hard to get past my anger and I think going after them will bring it back up. I think the only thing that would bring my claws out would be if they for whatever reason came after me again....or if my stalker psyho porn addicted masturbating sicko EX husband came after me. I'd fucking ruin him. ( no offense to people who watch porn and masturbate but I used to catch him blatantly doing it and it was gross...like real gross...not hot at all)
  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    I chose my name here when I signed up because I felt like I "liked" the drama a bit. Hard to explain. I think the anger made me want to push buttons. It took me some time, and honestly I still when I think about it feel like I could have done more, said more, gone on more of a limb etc... But I fight that feeling. Because of the way it went down i got my wife out, was not DF'd, and still talk to my family. Who knows if that will last, but my wife and kids are with me, so who cares about the rest.

    Sorry about the masturbating husband. I'm sure your exit story is pretty awesome. When it doesn't sting, post a welcome story with your story (or if you feel like it).

    If you're ever in south cali look us up.

  • C Lynne
    C Lynne

    Yeah I think maybe I like the drama a bit too but its a waste of time and energy and it eventually begins to drive me crazy. My JC was the drama of the century lemme tell ya....my ex told everyone EVERYTHING so my parents and I told everyone his dirty laundry. My mom still goes around the congregation telling people what he did to me.

    I will post a story eventually. I just have been too lazy to do it.

    What part of Cali? I may be coming in a few months to celebrate my graduation.

    Also, glad you got your family out and didn't get dfed in the process.

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