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    In the thread http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=21916&site=3 Mad Apostate brought the Watchtower magazine of June 1, 1991 pages 15-20 Their Refuge-A Lie! to our attention with respect to the United Nations scandal.

    In particular, Mad Apostate made reference to paragraphs 10 and 11 from this WTS rag.

    10 However, she has not done so. Instead, in her quest for peace and security, she insinuates herself into the favor of the political leaders of the nationsthis despite the Bibles warning that friendship with the world is enmity with God. (James 4:4) Moreover, in 1919 she strongly advocated the League of Nations as mans best hope for peace. Since 1945 she has put her hope in the United Nations. (Compare Revelation 17:3, 11.) How extensive is her involvement with this organization?

    11 A recent book gives an idea when it states: No less than twenty-four Catholic organizations are represented at the UN. Several of the worlds religious leaders have visited the international organization. Most memorable were the visits of His Holiness Pope Paul VI during the General Assembly in 1965 and of Pope John Paul II in 1979. Many religions have special invocations, prayers, hymns and services for the United Nations. The most important examples are those of the Catholic, the Unitarian-Universalist, the Baptist and the Bahai faiths.

    Mad Apostate found the quote in paragraph 11 in "Prayer And Meditation At The United Nations"-- Robert Muller

    Mad Apostate stated the following with respect to this issue:

    This "Study Article", published in the June 1, 1991 issue, would have come out at almost the exact same time they were putting together the Application for NGO affiliation, which was approved in (July?) 1992.

    Read the article carefully, and then explain why this sentence was left out of the quote: "All major world religions are accredited to the United Nations as non-governmental organizations."

    Would not this sentence actually make the quote (thus the point) even stronger?

    It's exclusion can only be interpreted as intentional, and if so, WHY???

    The editor(s) knew that they too were seeking the exact same relationship with the U.N.!!!

    This was a great find by Mad Apostate but there was never a reference or a publisher to confirm the existence of this article by Robert Muller. So after much looking I have found the book for you guys and have scanned the pages for you below. The title of the book is "New Genesis, Shaping a Global Spirituality" (ISBN # 1-680465-04-3), Garden City, New York, Doubleday, Image Books, 1982, 1984. The Muller article ("Prayer And Meditation At The United Nations") is found in Part 1, Chapter 6, pages 45 to 49 of the Book. Note the quote found in the June 1, 1991 Watchtower article is at the start of the Muller essay on page 45, paragraph 1.

    here are the urls - don't forget to add http:// in front of them (but don't add www. in front ):









    I cant tell you people how important this article in the June 1, 1991 Watchtower is. It clearly makes it known that the WTS was NOT to have anything to do with being an NGO like the Catholics. Yet Mad Apostate uncovered something truly awesome that showed the hypocrisy.


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  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Truly amazing. Good work.
    Oh, a tangled web they weave.

  • hawkaw

    From Randy's web site http://www.freeminds.org

    Frequently Asked Questions about the Watchtower's involvement with the United Nations

    How does the Watchtower currently view the United Nations according to its own literature?


  • Dino

    Well ole buddy, youve done it again.

    This really gives flesh to Mad Apostate's astute observation.

    Selective quoting at it's best.

    Check out this UN link which underscores the WT's hypocrisy in this regard. I dont remember if this has been posted before:


    Thanks Hawk.

  • Dino

    Here is the relevant paragraph:

    10. The following other non-governmental organizations were represented by observers: Adalah-Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, African Americans in the United States of America, African Bureau of Educational Sciences, African Indigenous and Minority Peoples Organization, Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, American Friends Service Committee, Arab Association for Human Rights, Association culturelle berbere, Association of Jehovah's Witnesses, Association of Western Thrace Minority Graduates, Assyrian Universal Alliance, Bahrain Human Rights Organization, Black Reparations Commission, Canadian-Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, Centre for the Advancement of Women, Centre for the Coordination of Non-Governmental Tribal Development Organizations, Centre for Documentation and Information in Europe, Centre for Human, Civil and Autonomous Rights, Centre for International and Comparative Law, Centre for the Protection of Minorities and Against Racism and Discrimination in Bhutan, Centro de Derechos Humanos, Ciudadanos y Autonómicos, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Delhi Forum-Banjara People, Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, Droit des minorités indigènes au Cameroon, Espacio Afroamericano, European Association of Jehovah's Witnesses for the Protection of Religious Freedom, European Centre for Minority Issues, Fafan Development Organization, Ford Foundation, High Commissioner Consultant for Minority Groups in San Andreas, Human Rights Alliance, Human Rights Commission of Northern Ireland, Human Rights Committee-World Wide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Human Rights Defence Group, Indo–American Kashmir Forum, Indo-Canadian Kashmir Forum, Indo-European Kashmir Forum, Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia, Kurdish Human Rights Project, Kurdish Reconstruction Organization, Legal Centre for Arab Minority in Israel, Legal Information Centre for Human Rights, Ligua Pro Europa, Macedonian Human Rights Movement in Greece, Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada, Mécs Laszlo Association, Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, Million Youth March Organisation, Minelres, Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, National Commission for Minorities, National Commission for Reparations, N'COBRA-The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, National Movement for the Human Rights of the Afro-Colombian Communities-Cimarron, National Society for Human Rights of Namibia, Pan African International Nationalist Movement, Proceso de Comunidades Negras de Colombia, Rescue Ethiopian Pastoralists, Research and Support of the Indigenous Peoples of the Crimea Foundation, Romani Centre for Social Intervention and Study, Romanian Institute for Human Rights, Sikh Human Rights Group, Solai Program, Southern Cameroon Peoples' Conference, Summer Institute of Linguistics, Swiss Federal Commission against Racism, Uganda Land Alliance, Universal Defender of Democracy, Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation, Vedika-National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, Western Thrace Turkish Muslim Minority in Greece, World Federation of Hungarians and Zentralrat Deutscher Roma und Sinti.

    Notice all the JW NGO's.


  • hawkaw

    Hi Dino,

    Thanks for the list.

    When I look over this list, I say to myself how can a group like the Watchtower, who labels innocent people as "apostates" and treats these innocent people like dirt (ie. practices creed bigotry) can then turn around and belong to a working group session whose intention is to prevent all forms of discrimination/bigotry?

    Like someone has to slap these UN people up the side of the head to allow the Witnesses to even be involved in these meetings.


  • hawkaw


  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Thanks hawkaw once again!!!!

    I hope everyone sees the significance of this "selective quotations" by the WTS. This tactic of theirs has become so evident to me in this past year on several subjects and more just keeps popping up.

    I noticed this "find" of MA's and used it in the file I put together on this whole UN fiasco. I am so glad to say that the material I gathered from all the letters and scanned documents you tirelessly dug up and the incriminating WT articles that several others here listed, was the final clincher for my friends who have now made their total breakaway from the WTS.

    Now seeing the actual scanned pages just adds to the authenticity of this quotation.

    This "selective quotations" tactic has now come around full circle and is smacking the WTS in the face.....and it looks so good on them. How they ever expected to get away with it for so long is totally beyond me......sheer arogance on their part is the only answer I can see.

    Had Enough

    "Never doubt that a small group of citizens can change the world.
    Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
    ...Margaret Mead

  • Mister Biggs
    Mister Biggs

    Thanks, hawkaw!

    As always, great work!

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