Orchestral Accompaniment for Singing at Congregation Meetings

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  • CloseTheDoor

    I recall the pianos. Some talented brothers would sometimes play the harp along with piano in one cong. my wife and I attended. A few years ago a younger brother asked if he could bring an electronic keyboard for one of the meetings and that he could play the sheet music to the Sing Praises songbook, but his kind offer was refused. He was a very talented pianist and organist - it seemed he could play anything by ear. He was later discouraged by other elders who said he was wasting his time with the piano. Eventually he gave it up altogether.

    Photo from a postcard of Brooklyn Bethel, showing piano at 400 seat auditorium. (Photo from ebay)

  • carla
    What next? a guitar and drums?! sounds like they are trying to mimic Christendom now with such 'modern' music.
  • respectful_observer
    I seem to recall that in years past, the branch would remind the local congregations that the orchestral versions of the songs were reserved for assemblies and conventions only and could not be used at the local level; local meetings could use piano versions only. I always laughed to myself when I read that because it seems so Pharisaical.
  • Oubliette

    Cappytan: I love how apostates are more informed than the rank/file.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I remember a long time ago before the recorded piano music came along, my congregation had an actual piano that someone would play the song while we sang.

    What do you mean, "a long time ago"? I used to be one of those piano players that the congregation sang along with. Er, um, I hope that doesn't "out" me, so maybe I didn't play... like I haven't already given out enough personal info for the spies to come knocking. But come to think of it, it really was a long time ago that the CO came through and said it was time to stop that and use the recordings.

    Even earlier before that I remember when they would assemble an orchestra for the discrap crapventions. And that was back in the day when food service was a huge operation for assemblies and crapventions.

    Jeez, now I'm really feeling ancient.

  • rebel8
    Wait, this is news? I could swear they made us get rid of the pianos in the 1980s and replaced them with those horrible cassettes.
  • ShirleyW

    Back in the late 60's - early 70's, for about a few years in addition to the piano, we had a brother play the bass guitar and a sister played the violin.

  • Richard_I

    Canada Bethel had a brother/sister play the piano in the auditorium for all the songs for their Monday evening Watchtower study until late 2010/2011 when after a zone visit they were told to stop using it. lots were sad when they were told this.

    for whatever reason, Brooklyn only wants the recordings played at all meetings, period.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    "practiced beforehand"


    Dad: "Alright kids, that's it for our Family Worship Night. Now who'd like to take a little extra time to practice the latest Kingdom Melodies instead of watching your favorite TV show?"


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