Did judge Rutherford piss off Hitler

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    greenhornet: Very interesting. Good knowledge base

    Thank you. I confess to an obsessive interest in the history of the JWs - especially during the Second World War. I realize that some people think that the going-ons of the WTS historically is 'old stuff' and no longer relevant. However, i have been interested in placing the development of the WTS into the larger political picture and examine how the shifts in doctrine and structure were influenced by world events.

    If this interests you, you may like to follow up on the research that I base the statements made in my previous posts. References to my primary research, and further discussion on interesting things like the Wewelsburg Castle, can be found on this thread here - located over on the exjw yuku forum.

    A Castle, Estates and Berry Picking: Personal Servants and Positions of Privilege

    (yeah...I post as birdwoman2 over there)

    There is also some information on that thread that originates from this forum - I believe it was a thread by Lady Lee that discusses the WTS' activities during the years leading up to the war. About how Germany, during the late 20s and early 30s, was the testing ground for the re-organizational challenges facing the 'new' religion - the Jehovah's witnesses, AKA Joe's Army.

    At the same time that Heinrich Himmler's blossoming SS were complaining about being reduced to magazine salesmen, Rutherford was in Germany trying out ways to improve the placement of his WT propaganda by organizing the Jws into military like units. The SS, in the years prior to becoming the dreaded SS elite corp of the Nazi era, had magazine quotas for the Nazi propaganda magazine they were required to 'place'. Rather ironic, I think.

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    I studied the same information as Orphan Crow and any Google search will bring up a number of sources so you can compare accounts.

    In addition many of the SS preferred JW's working in their homes as house keepers and baby sitters etc. because they had a reputation as being more benign and less dangerous then others who had lost family and loved ones to medical experiments, torture, often the same thing and the Gas Chambers.

    What we had here was Rutherford using the situation to his advantage which didn't turn out to be an advantage.

    An ironic side note to this despicable situation is that the actual Commanding General of the entire European theater of war............ Dwight Eisenhower (later president of the US) demanded that his troops liberate the concentration camps ASAP.

    The irony is that Eisenhower had been raised as a JW or what passed as a JW (which was a WT affiliated Bible Student), his mother’s living room served as the local Kingdom Hall. He, his father and all of his brothers left the religion and Eisenhower went on to become one of the 21st Centuries most important and successful Military and political figures we have had. http://www.adherents.com/people/pe/Dwight_Eisenhower.html

    Rutherford or the apostate Eisenhower? Who was mentally diseased?

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    Giordani: What we had here was Rutherford using the situation to his advantage which didn't turn out to be an advantage.

    By the time that the JWs were being given preferential treatment, Rutherford had already died. He had exhibited signs of declining health during the Children of the King summer conventions of 1941 and he didn't live much longer. The Judge passed on January 8, 1942, and it was Knorr who took the reins (of which he, along with Franz, already had a firm grip) and finished up the war years as President of the WTS. It was in 1942, after the Judge died, when conditions began to improve for the JW 'volunteer prisoners'.

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    Fascinating stuff Orphan Crow! Tell me more. For some reason I couldn't make the link you provided work.
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    So can we add this to the bloodshed that that the Watchtower corp is responsible for?

    Indirectly yes !

    The reason being is that Hitler wanted the German nation to be a ruling Kingdom for a thousand years with him leading the way, in Rutherford's letter he stated saying that all JWs are waiting to serve Christ's Kingdom and are going to be subservient to that one, must have pissed off Hitler, so he ordered all JWS retained in concentration camps where some unfortunately died.

    Even if Rutherford didn't send a letter to Hitler, the JWS would have been jailed anyways for not serving in the military service.

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    truthseeker: Fascinating stuff Orphan Crow! Tell me more. For some reason I couldn't make the link you provided work.

    Thanks. This "stuff" fascinates me as well.

    Sorry about that link. Too late to go fix it.

    Try this one.


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    Thanks Orphan Crow that link works.
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    Thanks again for the link. I have much to learn about Bird Woman 2 . Too late for me tonight but I know it will be there in the morning. Again thank you.
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    Of course we can add it to the bloodshed. But hang on we were told these stories of how faithful these sheeple were during such a tribulation and we should be like them in the big A. You know stick in there because we are saved..

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