Attention JW lurkers: May JW TV broadcast demonstrates the GB's utter contempt for you (and all non-elite JWs)

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  • LAWHFol
    lol @hoser.. Classic.
  • wifibandit

    Per The Town of Warwick Planning Board:

    Outdoor recreation facilities, to be located southeast of the proposed buildings, consist of two tennis courts, a basketball court, and two sand volleyball courts of regulation size.


    Several miles of walking trails are proposed on existing trails (that require maintenance and clearing to make them accessible) through the private lands for the enjoyment of facility residents and to provide locations for residents to walk, pray, and meditate in quiet solitude and without distraction.

    Additionally, the project proposes 70,000 square feet of active recreational facilities on site, including a number of outdoor tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts. Blue Lake may also be used for non-motorized boating. Indoor facilities totaling approximately 24,200 square feet are proposed and would include weight/exercise room(s), an aerobics room, an indoor basketball court, racquetball courts, music/social rooms, a sauna, and a therapeutic pool.

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