I wonder if you can be spiritual and religious at the same time??

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  • Xanthippe

    Neither do I attribute any of these things to a personage or unseen thingy. So we agree, well apart from the girl parts thing.

  • DJS

    Xanthippe: "So we agree, well apart from the girl parts thing."

    Darn, almost the perfect girl.

  • AudeSapere
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  • SimonSays

    Spirituality: can be defined with a person’s motive, in a positive or negative way regardless of the terms religious or religion.






    As long as you play nice and ask questions that fall within the scope of this forum, you will be fine.

    If you have an agenda people here are super good at detecting that - more than the average person, given the religion that we have all left and they will drift away from you and your posts.

    Its all easy and civil. No need for pit bulls guarding the gates of our threads, nefarious posters out themselves. An inference that logic thru thought is evil or wicked if it doesn’t meet their expectation.

    And to answer your question, can you be religious and spiritual...why not? Its like eating oranges and being blonde. Happens but not always together and not necessarily related. Spiritual negativity / realignment.

    I beg to defer. Ex-Witnesses that were released or left from an organization for attempting to change doctrine by screaming for a different structure is no different than what goes on in this forum. You stated there are no rules, but there are. There are the owner’s rules, posting rules. Rules that get broken everyday by members in long standing by using innuendos in an explicit nature or profanity, and don’t get deleted, and then there’s your rules. The Objective is to deny, deny, and deny any logic. Why because some of you are book authors. Now you have to defend your position at all cost even if it’s contrary to the truth. Anyone attempting to change the structure of this forum by legitimate debate or argument is meeting deletion.

    So then the question should be, how can you possibly think your views can be taken seriously when you have become the thing you most hate? How demoralizing. Positive Spiritual Intent.

    Just state the truth. Perhaps some people will be more receptive with your ideology.

    Bigotry definition

    Intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.


    Noun, plural innuendos, innuendoes.


    An indirect intimation about a person or thing, especially of a disparaging or a derogatory nature.



    A parenthetic explanation or specification in a pleading.

    (In an action for slander or libel) the explanation and elucidation of the words alleged to be defamatory.

    The word or expression thus explained.


    (typically of an action or activity) wicked or criminal.

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