I wonder if you can be spiritual and religious at the same time??

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  • Deltawave

    Ok again i would like to apologise as I did come across preachy. I am not going to debate whether or not I am a BK as you have your opinions either way. What I was trying to write though was my thoughts and feelings which I hope don't offend anyone on this forum. I see many a Ministerial servant and elder measuring their spirituality by the amount of jobs and comities they are on and totally neglect the caring of the (PEOPLE) in the congregation which is what i think those roles are supposed to be about. I am therefore dis-illusioned by the gap between spirituality and religion.

    I think that if there is such a thing as "spirituality" it cant be measured through how much underlining you do in a book or by how many jobs you do in a Kingdom hall.

    I as an individual do still desire some form of spirituality in my life. A higher purpose other than eat, breed die. I have though developed after some research my own interpretation of what I think that might be which i was keen to share here as a newbie.

    I hope this makes sense to you as fellow forum friends:0)

    Deltawave xx

  • cofty
    A higher purpose other than eat, breed die

    Of course we all do. However I don't see how the word "spiritual" adds anything useful.

    It is a word that is abused by everybody who uses it to mean make their personal interests and values seem more profound. It is a vacuous word.

  • millie210

    i would like to apologise as I did come across preachy. I am not going to debate whether or not I am a BK as you have your opinions either way.

    Well when you put it that way.....

    you are either exceptionally diplomatic or maybe you are a "BK" (yawn - who cares) but it is of no matter to me. As long as you play nice and ask questions that fall within the scope of this forum, you will be fine.

    If you have an agenda people here are super good at detecting that - more than the average person, given the religion that we have all left and they will drift away from you and your posts.

    Its all easy and civil. No need for pit bulls guarding the gates of our threads, nefarious posters out themselves.

    And to answer your question, can you be religious and spiritual...why not? Its like eating oranges and being blonde. Happens but not always together and not necessarily related.

  • Simon

    "Spiritual" is usually taken to mean belief in spirits ... and seeing as there is no evidence at all that spirit creatures exist it means absolutely nothing.

    If instead you take it to mean valuing the human spirit then once again, it's vacuous as religion typically cares nothing about humanity and individuals. It's just one huge Get Out of Jail Free card to explain and dismiss the misery and suffering of the millions who die who don't share the same god.

    "Personal interests" sums it up. Religion is the ultimate lobbyist for apathy.

  • sparrowdown

    You haven't offended me DW. The search for meaning is normal and natural as far as I'm concerned. The problem with religion is that it exploits this and uses it to turn people into mindless "sheep" giving over their lives and their savings so a few at the top can live in an ivory tower.

    IMO there is a huge difference between being "religious" and being "spiritual" and people will have their own definitions of what that is. JWs do not have a monopoly on spirituality so you are right to question that. They are just another bs religion making up bs criteria for spirituality and getting fat off its members.

  • cappytan

    I understand the aversion some have to using the word "spiritual."

    But if you think about it in terms of say, having spirit, I think it could take on an acceptable meaning for me.

    My definition:

    Spiritual: of, relating to, being in high spirits.

    When I meditate, it is a spiritual experience in that sense. I feel refreshed, renewed and my mind feels centered - my spirits are high.

    Spiritual, when relating to your mind, in this sense is acceptable to me.

    However, if it has anything to do with something outside the physical universe, like some kind of detached being, or that there's something innate in you that is your "spirit," I reject that definition outright for lack of evidence.

  • freemindfade

    Only by accident...

    I think i was for a while and it's why i hated and abandoned religion, because spiritual does not jive with religion, especially witlesses. I feel similar to Cappy. My spiritual side is still and atheist, but always looks to higher wisdom, growth, and the physical side of what seems metaphysical at this time. Your thoughts, your positive actions, your wonder and ability to learn and experience all you can, that's spiritual to me.

  • Deltawave

    Cappytan I agree with your definition of spiritually I do wonder though if my use of the word "spirituality" is the wrong word as it can be used to form various ideas such as belief in spirits, desire to be one with God ect ect.

    However, I do maintain that I believe we need to be aware of something beyond the superficial, something that stretches us to be the best version of ourselves, something that inspires us to be more than just biochemical eating, breeding machines and gives us a deeper sense of gratification.

    Anyways, the main issue here is Watchtower theology is naff! Lol

  • Xanthippe
    The human spirit needs art, beauty, poetry, music, literature and to experience different cultures around the world. To raise us up from the everyday humdrum existence, to make us think, feel deeply and to fill us with the desire to improve this beautiful planet so that everyone can enjoy it instead of many spending their days scratching out an existence and unable to think of anything but their empty bellies.
  • Xanthippe

    I recommend poetry by W B Yeats, Keats, Shelley, Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson. You might enjoy C G Jung's autobiography Memories, Dreams, Reflections. You might find wondering around an art gallery lifts your spirits or perhaps you'd prefer a walk in the woods or near mountains.

    When I left the JWs my spirit was starving for nourishment. I agree the idea that running microphones or giving out leaflets is somehow spiritual is ludicrous. The neglect of the people is, I agree, appalling. You would find volunteering for a charity much more rewarding. Your local library should be able to help you with volunteering opportunities in the area. Or just google it.

    I understand the happiness that meditation brings. I was first taught it by Buddhist monks in saffron robes but the teachings afterward put me off. Western Buddhism is similar to Christianity. Personally I look for spirituality without religion now.

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