Closed WT Branches list.

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  • Hecce

    One of the friends at EXTJ forum provided this list of WT branches that have been closed so far, there is also a mention that two large ones are in the process of being dismantled, they are Spain and Argentina. Posted for informational purposes and it seems to be accurate.

    Thanks for reading

    1) Alaska

    2) Antigua
    3) Armenia
    4) Austria
    5 ) Bahamas
    6) Belize
    7) Belarus
    8) Czech Republic
    9) Cyprus
    10) Costa Rica
    11) Guadalupe
    12) Guinea , Africa
    13) French Guiana
    14) Guyana
    15) Hawaii
    16) Guatemala
    17) El Salvador
    18 ) Estonia
    19) Honduras
    20 ) Ireland
    21 ) Israel
    22) Iceland
    23 ) Latvia
    24 ) Lithuania
    25 ) Luxembourg
    26 ) Malaysia
    27 ) Malta
    28) Martinique
    29) Nepal
    30) Nicaragua
    31 ) Norway
    32) New Zealand
    33) Panama
    34 ) Puerto Rico
    35) Samoa
    36 ) Sudan
    37) Sweden
    38 ) Switzerland
    39 ) Togo
    40 ) Turkey
    41 ) Uruguay
    42 ) Jamaica (sale )

  • sir82

    Organizations do not shrink to greatness.

    What is their end game?

  • Hecce

    Very Odd:

    2013 yb: 96 Branches

    1999 yb: 109 Branches

    After 41 closings.


  • wearewatchingyouman

    What is their endgame?

    Second verse same as the first.

  • pixel

    That's a sign of expansion!


  • Londo111


  • bigmac

    just give it time--the watchtower will disappear up its own arse eventually.

  • clarity

    If these were all sold, wonder what watchtower did with the money?

  • Phizzy

    I am not sure, but I don't think all the 42 listed were actually counted as "Branches" by the W.T ?

    That may account for the apparent disparity between the figures, some of the listed countries in fact being "overseen" by a neighbouring Branch officially ?

    Whichever way you cut it,this is a HUGE cull of not only local representation, but of Staff as well.

    I like the comment above, so true, "Organizations do not shrink to greatness".

  • Simon

    It's cost savings or "synergies" as large corporates like to put them.

    It's probably cheaper and easier to run and control a few large places than many smaller ones.

    More profit, more control ... what could they not like about it?!

    As the zealous preacher generation dies off and the age of the lifestyle-witnesses begins, the kudos of having branches in every back-corner of the world isn't as important to them. They simply don't care about the preaching work - hey, they have a website and can setup some stands with literature on it, open the odd high-street store ... Jesus would be happy with that.

    They want to make it easier and easier to be a witness and streamline their operations at the same time to keep the profit margins up.

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