The Pastor of my Old Church Tried to Re-Convert Me Yesterday

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  • PelicanBeach

    Right. Why are you so afraid? Threads go off topic all the time.

    I relent. See you on another thread.


  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    I think Cofty can do better than "you're just playing semantics."

    Pelican: I wrote, "He does not "fail" to act. He chooses not to act as mankind wants him to."

    So PelicanBeach, then enlighten us on how God does act but not in a way that mankind wants him to?

    If God is acting or intervening in mysterious ways now somehow, then that worsens God's position since you are left with the quandry of why God is somehow acting now but yet takes no action to remove/mitigate the worst kinds of evil and suffering.

    For example, how is it morally acceptable for God to, say, give the 'holy spirit' to some Christian in answer to their prayer but yet not lift a finger to stop the infant child of a Bible-believing praying Tutsi mother from being hacked to death in the Rwandan genocide.

  • sunny23

    Curious to know Cofty is your opinion to my question the same as yaddas? Also I read your linked post topic. I already agree with two of those bullets. Where do I find the facts that you used to make that post so I can learn.

  • cofty

    Sunny - I would say that it is a fairy story. You have all your work to do to provide evidence for this strange idea. Are you presupposing a fall from perfection? If so you can't have that.

    We evolved from non-human ancestors, we didn't fall from "perfection" whatever that means.

    Humans are ruling the world and things have never been better. That is not a comment about how great things are, its an observation about the past.

  • cofty

    Hi again Sunny sorry our posts overlapped.

    What topics would you like help to research?

  • cofty

    Why are you so afraid? - Pelican


  • sunny23

    "Homo sapiens evolved form non-human ancestors over million of years.

    There was no Adam & Eve, no state of perfection and no fall.

    All living things evolved from a common ancestor.

    There was no global flood."

    those topics from your post

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Is this thread now going to become an evolution v creationism debate?

    There are lots of books, articles and websites available on those subjects sunny23. Ever heard of Google or Amazon?

  • cofty

    Sunny - Its a topic that will repay your time and effort.

    This thread is a good place to start...

    If you use the search button you will find other good threads on the flood.

    Here is a good podcast series by DR Zachary Moore...

    Here are a few books that you would enjoy.

    "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" by Sean B. Carroll

    "The making of the fittest" by Sean B Carroll

    "Evolution, what the fossils say" by Donald Prothero

    "Why Evolution is true" by Jerry Coyne

    "Your Inner Fish" by Neil Shubin

    "Life Ascending" by Nick Lane

    The Greatest Show on Earth by Dawkins

    The Blind Watchmaker by Dawkins

    Here is a partial summary of The Greatest Show on Earth...

    If you have any questions feel free to ask, there are quite a few here who can help you.

  • sunny23

    "I would say that it is a fairy story. You have all your work to do to provide evidence for this strange idea."-cofty

    My whole reason for posting this if you read my exact words was to see if this strange idea about this fairy tale made the most logical sense if we were forced to come up with the best reason for why this fairy God allows suffering to continue. My question to you ultimately is: If there is a God and he offers life after death, would the reasons I listed make MOST sense even if you don't believe any of this shit and had to pick the best reason without evidence support?

    You tried to negate it by asking if it would take 100,000+ yrs for god to solve a bet and I'm saying I guess so, but that's a better assumption than any other that the pastor approached you with wouldnt you agree? If you had to scale rate them.

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