Urgent: need judicial committee questions

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  • l p
    l p

    If you appreciate, there is going to be a legal case launched (unless the victim changes their mind, which I doubt) and I can't divulge any specific info as it could damage the case.

    but what I really would love is to get some help quickly as proceedings will be commenced wighin the next week and I need to tie all this up.

    i feel that this case could go ok for the person

  • l p
    l p

    And would be quite landmark in changing the way they do business

  • KateWild

    But if there is no proforma then it's at the whim of each committee-1p

    Exactly, my recording is evidence of whimsical descisions that a publisher must put down to Gods Holy Spirit. I wanted to get RI'd from being reviled, but they questioned me about my daughters situation. totally inappropriate and uncalled for.

    I told them twice that something they need to ask her, they were obstrusive, forceful and wouldn't let it go. So I lied because it was quite frankly none of their business, they aske other non related inapproriate questions too.

    Yes the questions are at the whim of each JC

    Kate xx

  • Earnest

    The publication "Shepherd the Flock of God" gives some guidance to elders regarding judicial committees and is quite clear that any questions should be discreet and not inquire about needless details.

    The committee should first seek to establish the facts and ascertain the attitude of the accused. This requires skillful and discreet questions. The judicial committee should be thorough but not inquire about needless details, especially in regard to sexual misconduct. However, in some instances, when Scriptural freedom to divorce and remarry may be an issue, details may need to be clarified. - Shepherd the Flock of God, chapter 7, para.5

    This has not always been true in the past and it is not necessarily always true now, but that is the guidance.

  • Bob_NC

    l p, I don't know how the following will help in a legal case because there are no specific questions that JCs are required to ask. The questions are not listed in a book.

    Questions asked by any JC will differ depending on the men that make up the committee. Some brothers use the JC situation to ask all sorts of bizzare things. Other men are more polite and thoughtful. Following are typical questions asked by elders from my experience on JCs over 13 years.

    How did you come to know this person?

    When did you notice that this relationship was changing from being an acquaintance to becoming something more serious?

    How did you react to this change? How did this make you feel?

    How did you stay in contact with this person? How did you continue to meet?

    When was the first time that you touched each other inappropriately? What happened? Did you do this [specific thing]? Did he/she do this [specific thing]?

    How often would you say that this has happened?

    Did you use protection? [If you used protection, you can be judged as more guilty for planning to sin.]

    Some elders just have to ask, Did you climax? Did he/she climax? What this adds to the discusssion is beyond me.

    Where was Jehovah in your mind while you were doing these thing?

    How do you think Jehovah felt about it? How do you feel about this person?

    What steps have you taken so that this does not happen again?

  • besty
  • Simon

    I think you'll have a hard time getting legal recourse to a JC for several reasons:

    • You will be asked if you are recording it. By saying 'no' you may be making any recording inadmissible and itself a violation of law.
    • Without a recording or witness, it's one-person's word against 3 or more.
    • You are attending the JC voluntarilly - wouldn't courts view it like going to confessional and then suing the priest?
    • It's their club, their rules - you agreed to the rules when you got baptised.

    Now, that doesn't mean that I believe any of this is fair, quite the contrary.

    But, you may be better off chalking things up to experience and warning others about the cult than wasting time, money and energy on a legal case that is unlikely to be winnable. It's no accident that they are able to conduct JCs like this and not face any legal fall-out from them - it's been well thought out and a proven system for them.

    But good luck whatever you decide to do.

  • 144001

    Deleted - Happy New Year!

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