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  • tiki

    this is one thing that really annoys me. kids are not now nor were they back in the late 60's early 70's just offered full scholarships out of the blue. you had to apply for them, prove financial need, and have the gpa to even try for one. it is such BS. and it doesn't say he graduated from high school at age 15 - it says he met the requirements to leave........ and "would he accept a scholarship" implies that he filled out all the forms, applied to colleges, and was accepted. THEN the offer of the scholarship may or may not come.

    and another thing - in my neck of the woods that expression "go to university" is NEVER used. it is going to college.

    interesting factoid about Freddie f - as a kid I remember that about him turning down his Rhodes thing a put him on genius level in the minds of the when he'd go off on one of his absurd spiels, you'd gape in awe..................I used to mimic him after hearing his Yankee Stadium rants.......that Isaiah one - I can't remember it now................

  • _Morpheus
    Yea the vernacular on that was curious to me as well... "Go to university" is typically a european expression. In the NE USA at least we always refer to it as college even if it is a school that is designated as a "university". I susspect they choose that expression to appeal to a wide range of english speaking audiences and perhaps to make it easier to translate
  • stuckinarut2

    So on one hand the org condemns university and college, yet when convenient uses references to attending in a way to gain credibility and impress readers!


  • zophar
    There is no doubt much that can be said negatively much of it justified. On the other hand there are things in the story that might lead one to believe he is sincere but blinded. The one hour each day for 20 years to produce a language book, he and his wife living with a native family because there was no where else to live would not have been easy. Yes, it's "Free" living off of others but certainly not luxurious by any means!
  • BluesBrother

    This really does not look like him, does it? Although he is here with his first wife who died.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    .I used to mimic him after hearing his Yankee Stadium rants.......that Isaiah one - I can't remember it now................

    Measuring line upon measuring a little there a little

    I can hear him now!


  • Wild_Thing
    Yawn... Yea and im the duke of Earl.

    I'm not sure if you are implying that I am lying or not, but either way, you just sound like an ass.

    As the parent of multiple high school children in the USA you are incorrect ...
    Everybody is an expert on everything on the internet with specialized training in every field.

    You are so right. And it sounded to me like you were using your "expertise" as a parent to substantiate why you thought I was incorrect, and you knew better. So, I simply let you know my area of expertise to substantiate what I was telling you about how scholarships are awarded, and yes, even academic ones, BEFORE kids graduate. All scholarships come with conditions that have to be met before any money is released. Usually, that entails actually graduating and having the required GPA.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Just a word or two here on nomenclature!

    Geoffrey Jackson hails from the Australian state of Tasmania, where the term "university" (often abbreviated to "uni " ) is invariably the one that is used. In this country, the expression "college" is used to describe a different intitution of learning - usually a high school that imagines itself to be (or is regarded to be) a cut above just "ordinary" high schools!

    So if Jackson did in fact turn down a scholarship ( or probably more to the point, thinks he turned down a scholarship) then it would have indeed been to somewhere that he would have known as a "university".


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