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  • prologos

    and promised a future reward.

    that did not come in their life time hmmm.

  • nonjwspouse

    yep porlogos, and the egyptians had lots of specific outwardly signs that made them different from others, specifics in cutting the hiar, and shaving They were quite a controlling ( and pagan) religion.....

    sounding rather familiar...

  • Socrateswannabe

    Here's a quote from one of my favorite movies that might have applied to how the Egyptians built the pyramids:

    Johnny Shellshocked: In France, we dug trenches ten miles long. We took earth from here and made hills there. We moved entire fields. You wouldn't believe what we did. It's possible. It's just hard work.

    From "The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain"

  • jhine

    o.k. I'm not too smart but I am fairly confident that no CONCRETE was used , wasn't that invented much later .


  • Monsieur

    thanks for the responses.

    cofty's link gives a very logical explanation. i wonder if this theory has been tested.

  • jgnat

    At what scale would you expect the test, Monsieur? 1:1?

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Since it's difficult to determine how accurate the "so called evidence" is I try to use what I have observed about human beings over the six decades I've been alive. My observation is that people may be excited at first over a project but after a while they have a hard time keeping up their enthusiasm and even beating them and whatever doesn't really work. When i observe all the massive projects the ancients engaged in I wonder how things were accomplished with the slave labor concept. These are huge projects where do they all stand as they're pulling these rocks and you need to feed, water, house and entertain them and they will want to reproduce and have families. in a primitive culture how do you get thousands upon thousands to keep going at task. The big question is why such large stones when smaller ones would do and what's the motivation in Peru they quarried out huge granite stones from one mountain dragged them down to the river across and up the other side to build a huge structure it makes no sense to me. People get tired and sick of doing things yet all over this planet there's evidence that these things were built so i don't know. I really don't think we have the answer.

  • Monsieur


    yes the 1:1 ratio would offer the most 'concrete' evidence, i think. since its brought up, has this NEVER been done before? why?

    onthewayout stated very logically that there is no funding for such a project, but you would think that for the sake of ruling out preposterous possibilities such a project would be given a green light.

    On the other hand, who would sign up?? as nancy drew said, thousands upon thousands of slaves would be needed, over an incredibly long time to do this.

    what about stonehenge? wouldn't this structure be a little more viable to duplicate today? how was this structure done then?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Obviously, it involves time travel, and a very large 3D-printer

    Jeffro, I would agree if you would change "Obviously" to "Apparently."

  • jgnat

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