Quotes to discourage JWs from researching WT history?

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    The WT does make a pretense of encouraging JWs to study the early history of the "earthly organization:"

    Like them [the sons of Korah], do you have a desire to study and recount the history of the earthly part of Jehovah’s organization? The more you learn about God’s organization and how Jehovah supports his people, the more real God’s Kingdom will be to you. -- w2012 8/15, p. 12, para. 5 - [Emphasis added]

    But imagine if all the JWs really did that! It would cause a nightmare of trouble for the GB.

    but thats the beauty of suggesting this. They know that no one will take the time to research cause they are already over burdened with hectic "thoecratic" schedule. But by "saying" this the R&F have a retort to any suggesting the WTS is concealing its past indiscretions.

    JW - "no, they're not hiding anything, they actually ENCOURAGE us to study the history of the organization. SEE! YOUR WRONG!"

    free thinkin person - "have you ever studied the history then?"

    JW - "I don't need to, I KNOW its the TRUTH"

    free thinking person - *sigh...." fml" whispered under breath

  • leaving_quietly

    I believe the talks were originally titled "Millions now living MAY never die". Rutheford felt more and more confidant that armageddon would come in 1925 that he changed the talks to "Millions now living WILL never die".

    This is close, but not quite accurate. These were the same talks, but given in different locations on different dates. I researched this myself some time ago, and frankly, there's no point of contention here. WTS is not revising its history in this respect. It is certainly choosing which title to refer to, which is within their right, whether we like it or not.

    w55 4/15 p. 238: "March 24, 1918, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music by the Society’s president, entitled “The World Has Ended—Millions Now Living May Never Die!” Three thousand heard this important lecture.*"

    The footnote there says: "W 1918, p. 110. In substance this was the same lecture as given in Los Angeles February 24, 1918."

    w55 12/1 p. 709: "As to preaching, their efforts were limited to the proclaiming of the high calling to the “little flock,” except that in February, 1918, the message began to be proclaimed that “Millions Now Living Will Never Die.”"

    Note the dates and places:

    February 24, 1918, Los Angeles: "WILL Never Die"

    March 24, 1918, Brooklyn: "MAY Never Die"

    It should be noted that the attitude was one of "WILL Never Die" as there was a booklet a few years later with the title "Millions Now Living Will Never Die!"

  • hamsterbait

    On the "Millions now Living" talk:

    There is a recording of Freddie Franz later on giving a talk, where he said that "MAY" never die was changed to "WILL" never die because the proof of what they were saying was irrefutable.

    Go find it yourself and listen.

    Oh - and the "Faith in Action" DVD is dishonest. Compare the photo in Proclaimers book of the stage at Cedar Point in 1919 with the video.

    The Photo of the stage in the book shows the platform surrounded by American Flags. These are airbrushed out in the video. WHY?

    One thing that still sickens me is the way jdubs lie to themselves and others, and the way their memories automatically delete and update - rather like the Stargate episode.


  • VM44

    From the 2013 Yearbook.

    "Those seeds of truth doubtless included the 1920 booklet Millions Now Living Will Never Die!"

    Question: Did the 1920 booklet "Millions Now Living Will Never Die!" contain any seeds of truth at all?

    Certainly the title turned out to be in error.

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    I remember Nathan Knorr telling the 1959-1960 Gilead class to not keep Awake magazines volumes that were over eight years old. Here, brain washed me packing around 20 years of hand bound volumes from place to place.


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    Thank you everyone, it's been quite helpful! ;)

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