Quotes to discourage JWs from researching WT history?

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  • JWOP

    Are there any direct quotes from the Watchtower's literature that discourages investigation into their past doctrines and practices?

  • NVR2L8

    I can't recall ever reading something in this regard, but what better way to instill pride in your JW heritage than providing the "Proclaimers" book that is nothing else but a sanitized account of the cult's history.

  • gorgia2

    I wonder also whether the WTS have said anything about what to physically do with their 'old light' literature?


  • besty

    'keeping pace with Jehovahs chariot' is a euphemism for don't read old literature

  • DesirousOfChange

    THey actually encourage JWs to look into their "spiritual heritage" but they really only mean to look for the sugar coated stuff. If you go back and point out the negative shit, then you're discouraging or divisive or apostate (depending on how thorough and adamant you are about it).


  • Oubliette

    The WT does make a pretense of encouraging JWs to study the early history of the "earthly organization:"

    Like them [the sons of Korah], do you have a desire to study and recount the history of the earthly part of Jehovah’s organization? The more you learn about God’s organization and how Jehovah supports his people, the more real God’s Kingdom will be to you. -- w2012 8/15, p. 12, para. 5 - [Emphasis added]

    But imagine if all the JWs really did that! It would cause a nightmare of trouble for the GB.

    I can only guess they know that most won't bother, and of the few that do, the majority of them will only study the WTBTS's sanitized versions of their history. The remaining ones that actually learn the factual truth about the early history of the organization will all become apostates.

    Interesting gambit in the propaganda techniques of the GB, oh, excuse me, "The Faithful and Discreet Slave!" I guess it's a chance their willing to take to appear open and honest. The few that will leave are all trouble-makers anyways!

  • Oubliette

    Here's a link to a revealing thread on the subject:

  • Elijehovah

    Does anyone feel bad and rotten for Joseph having to marry an Egyptian priestess, daughter of the Egyptian high priest, and have pagan Egyptian children because his JW brothers sold him after trying to kill him. I feel real sad that he didnt get to marry a woman of his faith, so that his brothers could continue to trash him there in Egypt as long as they lived. to torment him. And scripture says that Jacob died and the brothers then said Our father being alive is the only thing that stopped you from killing us. (translation = youre so evil Joseph we disfellowshipped you in absentee because dad wouldnt let us if he knew about it, and now that dad is gone to keep us alive we know you would kill us because we are right about how evil you are Joseph. I find this thinking behavior very strong at kingdom halls as if Satan is far from being purged out of them.)

  • leaving_quietly

    JWs are like any other normal people in this respect: tell someone to DO something, and they won't. Tell them NOT TO and they will. How many decades have JWs been told to read the Bible daily? How many actually do? Thus, this is a grand strategy: tell them to research their "spiritual heritage", and the vast, vast majority won't even read that tiny article in the magazine, at least, not until they have to place it, or are bored enough at the meeting to read it instead of paying attention.

  • Stand for Pure Worship
    Stand for Pure Worship

    Once again, everyone disregards the Proclaimers Book, or the Faith In Action DVDs, or what's found in current literature that being the numerous references to previous teachings that were adjusted due to newly enlightened understandings of Biblicle prophecy, etc.. The Branch and the Governing Body encourage both Jehovah's Witnesses and unbelievers to take a look into the history behind the organization so that they can decide for themselves whether or not we have the truth. There's absolutely NOTHING for Jehovah's Witnesses to hide or be ashamed of. That said, it's ridiculous to even suggest that there would ever been anything published discouraging anyone, True Christian or not, from researching the history leading up to Jehovah's modern day organization.

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