XJW meets with 140 Jehovahs Witnesses

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    Update 11-26-2013 interview

    Skype Interview: Tracy Metcalfe's Letter Writing Campaign And Activism


  • Crazyguy

    I don't get it, he sent out letters to the Kingdom halls and from their people responded, how so. I mean if a letter is sent to a hall an elder would respond, like he said going to his address and talking with him. But from there individual witnesses start showing up and start asking questions and the numbers grow. It doesn't make sense.

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  • adamah

    Isaac22 said- I've been following this on FB. I would love to hear a recording of it, but I understand why he doesn't do that since most JWs would never agree to it.

    Yet apparently the JW didn't object to a group photo being taken, even appearing quite casual in the photo?

    Vidiot said- While I'm a bit skeptical about Tracy's statement that the WT actually sent someone in an official capacity to talk to him, I'm interested in following this and seeing where it goes.

    That's quite a claim, that WTBTS would send anyone in an official capacity.

    Yeah, I'm not buying it until AFTER actual compelling evidence is presented: since extraordinary claims (like 140 JWs showing up at one of his "meetings"!) require extraordinary evidence.

    eg it's all too convenient for the audio tape of "the greatest speech to date" to not come out, and looking at the letter he wrote, he's not saying anything new (or even current, eg the GB is the sole authority to constitute the slave, since they've written the anointed out of the chain of command); none of those posting comments on FB actually sounded like they attended the event, I see a few recognizable JWN names in the comments, and the Skype video raised alarm bells off the bat with the "you look like Jesus" thing (which isn't an accident: you don't just wake up and decide to go for the iconic Jesus look).

    I'm not saying it's a scam at this point (he well may be legit), but I believe in claims AFTER they're compelling evidence is presented, NOT before.

    Anyone who's added to the FB page who can verify that Terry Metcalfe is holding these meetings with "140 active JWs showing up"?

    OR, is that a photo of an ex-JW meet-up (some are wearing name tags, which is hardly something done at a public talk, where you want anonymity, but more of a social meet-up), or is that some other group photo from a social event?

    WTFree, what can you answer to any of these concerns?

    I don't suppose you are Terry Metcalfe, per chance?

    If there's one thing people should have taken from their experience with the JWs, it's that the claims you most WANT to be true are those you MOST should scrutinize, and have a greater index of suspicion for being fake; you'd demand a greater burden of proof before accepting the claim, since scammers don't appeal to one's HATES and FEARS, but to one's DESIRES (hence why the "you may have already won a MILLION $" junk mail has that claim on the OUTSIDE of the envelope: if it said, "you have an infinitesimally small chance of winning", no one would open it).


  • RayPublisher

    It's an excellent example of going out and DOING something and seeing positive results in the short term.

    Thanks Tracy and also thanks to WT-Free for the OP!

  • AudeSapere

    (Marking for later)

  • Watchtower-Free

    I just saw this on Facebook and passed it on .

    Some of the critical questions about this I believe have merit .

    As far as me being Terry . No . I'm white collar in appearance and very bald.

  • rebel8

    I don't get it either. None of the links explain how he is meeting with dubs. I understand the letter campaign but not how groups of dubs come to meet with him at once.

  • adamah

    WTFree said-As far as me being Terry . No . I'm white collar in appearance and very bald.

    LOL, no worries, then (and if it makes you feel better, I'm follicularly-challenged, and never go out in public without a hat).

    I see his name is Tracy, not Terry; I was confusing names.

    I also see that the pix on FB is from one of the ex-JW BBQ meet-ups, and not one of his 3 informal meetings (and the last is where he's claimed 142 active JWs were in attendance). Danmera, and I think Terry, is in the photo: can you give us any info on Tracy?

    That's an amazing Paul Bunyaneque-size claim, of 142 active JWs showing up for the "speech" of a DFed ex-JW! My Gawd, to think they'd risk getting told on by the others in attendence is quite frankly, unbelievable.

    His letter has been posted on Barbara Anderson's website: can anyone please tell me this isn't another one of those AAWA projects?


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