Ok, now I know why you atheists get so spittin' mad at some believers.

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  • Jeffro


    There was a little Awake! piece that touched on the subject back in the mid-90s, if remember right.

    There was an Awake! article about 'cavemen' in 1981 (already quoted above) that briefly dicussed Neanderthals, and Awake! gave Neanderthals a passing mention in a Watching the World segment in 2011.

    Nothing in the mid-90s. Maybe you're talking about the subject of evolution more broadly?

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Hey Phizzy, thanks for that info! It really enables one to contrast WT pseudoscience with real work by real scientists.

    Interesting regarding the Origin of Life brochure, one of the things that got me questioning was this very brochure when my non-jw brother and I were discussing evolution vs creation/intelligent design and I pulled out that brochure to give him some facts to support ID. I started skimming through it, reading very quickly to find some juicy fact...and realised there were none, just a bunch of illustrations about buildings and straw man attacks!

  • suavojr

    It is a horrible feeling Julia. I was talking with my wife today about the actual consequences to the survivors of the big A.

    I mentioned how the world full of dead bodies would cause sickness. How God using all of his power and celestial armies would simply destroy everything and we would need more than 1000 years with the small amount of people left to rebuild. How ridiculous and cruel is to think that unborn children, children and women will all die just because they were born in the wrong part of the world.

    What did my wife say? Oh honey, don't forget Jehovah will use his miraculous powers to avoid any of that.

    With these people you just can't win! I wanted to pull my hair and scream.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    "Magical thinking" is what that's called. You can't reason with it. SMH.

  • LV101

    neocons --- what? Not my example but YOURS! Most I know are agnostics and athiests. Two switched from being agnostics to athiests. It's something about freedom/religion.

  • snare&racket

    You got it Julia....

    we are not pushing an agenda or belief system, its just evidence!

    Fundamentalism can persuade people that their beliefs supersede evidence and therefore reality. It is astonishing to see!

    Its as easy as telling oneself untruths such as.... 'scientists' once believed the eath was flat..... Or that science is rewritten every few decades.... Rather than logically concluding the value of evidence in progressing knowledge, they dismiss it all and submit to a belief system where SOMEONE else makes all the desicions for them.

    To do that the religions have to devalue evidence , despite evidence being the only thing we have that we KNOW we can trust.

    Its quite something to see people deny evidence, as they copy and paste from the internet answers they dont understand. I kmow as a JW I had no appreciation of expertise or quality of information, the irony is , as a JW I felt my opinion on x,y,z was as valid as an expert in x or y or z, seeing their opinion on and about evidence as equal as mine. The irony being we all saw the 8 window cleaners running brooklyn as far superior to ourselves and the experts....doh.

    The more I learn the more I realise how little I kmow and how little I did know......

    What angers me, is people declaring information as fact when it is just their opinion....ESPECIALLY... On matters long ago solved and conformed by science. Of course to say so, is to invite a misunderstood copy snd paste job from the internet.... I si ply dont reply now to such people, not one has asked for details on books or journsls or pspers, they just esnt to srgue something,,anytjing..to validate their choices in belief.....as we all do.....but some rely less on evidence than some choose to.

    snare x

  • SanLuisObispoTruthSeeker

    Julia, I am still waiting for you to provide evidence to back your claim atheism is easier to accept than theism is. We are trying to move away from the Organization who delighted in our blind obedience, what are you getting yourself in now? You started out this thread saying that the evidence leans towards Atheism, without having other's jump in, what are you talking about? What proof did you discover in your recent studies that tilted the scales on the Atheists side?

    You started this thread out and took off on ancient men, was that the evidence you are bringing forward to back up your argument the atheist worldview makes more sense than a theist, agnostic or deist outlook? You forgot to insert the evidence you claimed made atheist hit their head against the wall because it was so logical or more believable. Which evidence did you personally find compelling?

  • grumblecakes


    The more i read your post, the more i think we sh0uld be friends IRL. (also LOVE futurama). Lololol!

  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    As a very wise man once said to me on this subject, WHOOPIE!!!

    It's like the greek philosophers who say it's all spiritual and we are a body with a spirit waiting to leave the old carcass....


    It's like the jews who say this is all there is so you better make as much money as you can and aquire all the earthly possessions that you can because this is all there is...


    When you die you get to look behind the curtain.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    San Luis truth seeker, this thread is not about the actual evidence in favor of atheism. It's about someone constructing an argument using facts, and the other side arguing logical fallacies and emotive talk, and no evidence to support their position. I'm not atheists are right, but I am saying they are better at putting together arguments based on information rather than parroting a wt , not addressing the actual topic and changing the subject.

    The argument this thread actually relates to is one in which i actually used scripture to prove wt teachings aren't biblical. The frustration I felt in this inane discussion is exactly how I see atheists react against similar inanity. This is what my thread is about: not whether they are right or wrong, but that i can understand how they feel. You could be arguing anything, such as that smoking is bad for you and cite all the relevant facts, and have some idiot attack the sources, quote religious literature and accuse you of being a bitter ex smoker. Same kind of argument.

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