"Jesus is My Boyfriend" Christianity

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    Oh cofty, you are going to burn in hell for this one. lol

  • braincleaned

    Ugh... indeed. Good post.

    Thank the Looooordy almiiighty, I don't have him "in"me — Woooo-yesssss!
    *(me running around with my hands in the air and a cork in my butt — just in case!)

  • Xanthippe

    Yes my college tutor said exactly the same thing about Victorian religious poetry. Read A Better Resurrection by Christina Rossetti. For some reason I can't get it to copy and paste properly.

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    cofty: yeah its sad, thank jesus for good christain music, like casting crowns or chris tomlin

  • jgnat

    Christina Rossetti's poems, http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/19188

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    Jgnat, do you know som more of Rosetti? Was she a nun or just a christian poet? Probably a single woman I should guess!

    I mentioned Mechtild of Magdeburg earlier...some of her poems/writings are very erotic, but it seems like the english translations have been a bit "moderated" in contence! As I remember she wrote of heavenly orgasms and things like that.......those nun were not prude...

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    Am I hallucinating again, or do I remember a very old thread on this forum, something about an old-timer JW "anointed" quizzing a young-timer newby JW "anointed", and asking if he knew what the "marriage of the lamb" (as described in Revelation) entailed?

    And the answer the old guy was looking for was something along the lines of, it's going to be a sort of "wedding night" complete with coitus?

    Absolutely - this is something very old and deep-rooted in Christianity, and of course, the JWs have their version of this biblical fantasy.

    Why not, its enshrined in Christian imagery in Revelation 19, (where the Lamb gets married, and then takes off into an orgy of murder).

    Can't remember where to find any info in Witness publications - probably in the older (pre-WW2 books) maybe Riches, for example.

    Back in the day, when the witnesses still battled for legal recognition in Australia, there were only a few brothers who were legally allowed to perform marriage ceremonies. One was Richard Kinninmouth (or Kinninmoth?), most couples hated getting married by Richard, he was an old-fashioned orator, and he's spend an hour in soaring voice, describing the marriage of the lamb, and how the anointed, by faithful obedience, set an example for Christian wives, etc. etc, and then five minutes marrying the couple.

    But the witnesses are not alone in this imagined 'heavenly' concept. It's just another part of the Christian fantasy as illustrated in this video (possibly from the Hillsong church):

    Source: http://endoftheworld.net/Jesus/tag/the-marriage-supper-of-the-lamb/


    And, here's another contempory attempt to visualise this vision:


    I could go on and post more stuff, going way back in history,

    and I suggest that you see it, not as evidence of JW wackiness (which of course, it is),

    but of a more general "Christian" wackiness.

    I'd like to comment briefly on your question,

    it's going to be a sort of "wedding night" complete with coitus?

    It's not only the witnesses that sound 'way out' on this aspect, early and medieval

    Christianity has many example of the imagined 'wedding night'. The sub-text involves

    ecstatic visions. And, I'll try to get time to post on that topic in this thread

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    Dismissing Servant, I know no more than wiki tells me about Rossetti. She remained single her whole life long and lived off her poetry. She maintained a very large circle of friends and correspondents. She turned down three suitors, at least two for religious reasons. She lived in the Romantic age, which might explain a lot.


  • abbasgreta

    This "eroticism" credited to having an intimate relationship with Jesus is deeply offensive to me. The love for God and the love received from Him is pure and is as white as snow. Think of the love John had for the Lord, the expressions he used. I have to say some of the greatest male hymn writers who were of all ages speak of their adoration for Christ. Men love the Lord, it is a fact. To dare to credit them with somehow romantic undertones is unspeakable and, well, demonic. If a woman has romantic feelings for Jesus, then she needs spiritual help, and quick.

    Jesus is to the Christian our "all in all". Don't attempt to know what it means to be in His presence if you are not "one with Him." Or is that expression too erotic for you? To ridicule prayer groups - a very unique form of prayer- is deplorable.

    I am very distressed by this thread. Sometimes this site actually sickens me. I'm away from here. For good. This was intended to shock and hurt. Well, you succeeded.

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