So what if they were wrong?

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  • zeb

    and looking after the paedophiles?

  • DS211

    Smiddy--exactly lol i thought for a good 15 20 minutes at least---nope nada. Lol

    he mustve been referring to the peetilences and earthquakes and natural disasters....oh wait! He said the prophecies that THEY were right about...isnt supposd to be that THE BIBLE was right about? Wouldnt that make them prophets?

    either way the guy was a loon.

  • DeWandelaar

    A prophecy that is going backwards is not a prophecy... a prophesy is ment to help avoid a disaster and not to be explained afterwards. :P

  • DS211

    ah now the guy said that he was referring to all the other true information in their know about making a good cuppa tea, why cars are mimicking fish to be more aerodynamic to decrease drag, how to stop domestic violence (but not pedophilia), and porno....etc etc etc.

  • westiebilly11

    it's not the making of prophecy but the fulfilment of prophecy which proves it's accuracy............which of their prophecies have come true?....I can think of none....

  • carla

    What about their quote about a tiny drop of poison in the water? Remember that quote? Something about not drinking it because even one drop could kill you, they were trying to say that even if a church has most things right that one thing they have wrong could kill you spiritually or something on that order. Why doesn't it apply to their own organization?


    " there was an entire magazine full of other stuff that was completely correct."

    This never happened.. There may have been some magazines and books that presented the WTBTS's views with less internal conflict. For there to be anything "correct" written by the WTBTS, it would have to meet the criteria for truth. This would mean that whatever was written had to originate from a correct premise, and remain unaltered by the WTBTS.

    We would have to read every single piece of WTBTS literature ever written to really KNOW if they have ever made any statements that were true and remained unchanged or unrevised. It seems that they have gotten every single "expectation" wrong. The real question is " What have they got right consistently, and how does that narrow list make the God's one true channel?" Just quoting some one who is correct does not make YOU God's mouthpiece, you have to actually come up with something, you have to be inspired and you have to be consistently correct. You can NEVER be wrong.

    Also, being wrong is human. It's not bad to be wrong. It happens. Judging everyone else when you are just as wrong is "wrong." Hubris is the WTBTS's main problem, IMO.


  • wasblind


    " Is it true that there is good in all religions?

    Most religions do teach that a person should not lie or steal, and so forth. But is that sufficient ? would you be happy to drink a glass of water because someone assured you that most of what you were getting was water ? "

    2 Cor. 11:14,15 : " Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light. It is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness." ( Here we are cautioned that not everything that originates with Satan may appear hideous. One of his chief methods of decieving mankind has been false religion of all kinds, to some which he gives a righteous appearance______Reasoning from the Scriptures Book page 323



    Caution : three fingers always turn against the one that point



    " Why have there been changes over the years in the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses ?

    Jehovah's Witnesses are willing humbly to make adjustments ( transfomations as the light gets brighter ) "_____Reasoning from the Scriptures Book page 205


  • leaving_quietly

    People harp on over this and that that was wrong 50 years ago, but today Jehovah's Witnesses have all the Bible's prophecies pretty much figured out in their entirety.

    Oh, boy... is the original poster in for a big surprise in the Feb 2014 WT. There, they cast doubt on the application of Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy to being fulfilled with Christ.

    "Could the first-century Jews have calculated the time of the Messiah’s arrival on the basis of the prophecy of the 70 weeks recorded at Daniel 9:24-27 ? While that possibility cannot be ruled out, it cannot be confirmed. The fact is that there were many conflicting interpretations of the 70 weeks in Jesus’ day, and none come close to our present understanding. "

    They stick to the understanding in the Daniel's Prophecy book, but this is a first-pass attempt at unloading that. In my entire life as a JW (nearly 40 years), they've been adamant that the 70 weeks prophecy was absolutely fulfilled in Christ.

  • Gopher

    What SSPO said... the king of the north and the king of the south.

    In their 1958 "Let Your Kingdom Come" book, the Society said that the Communist powers would be in place and opposing Jehovah's people all the way through to Armageddon.

    Then in 1989, the Communist bloc fell. Oops.

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