The TRUTH about Jehovah's Wittnesses (from MY 22 YRS. EXPERIENCE) - A MUST READ!

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  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Hard-hitting, straight to the point, but most of all... true.

  • Ding

    Thanks for your post.

    Is your marriage on the rocks because of religious issues or other factors?

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  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Wise advice, thank you.

  • KateWild

    Welcome from me too. Thanks for your post, it was lovley to read your thoughts and feelings. Tell us a little more soon. Take care Kate xx

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    Welcome, I agree with your opening comment, except for the bit about staying in and doing the minimum. I am an all or nothing person and I want nothing to do with them, no attendance, no socialising, no field service, nothing.

    You will hopefully find a ot of support here, there are many who are in different stages in their lives with some attachment or having had some attachment to the JWs, so unlike people who "don't get it" when we talk of the turmoil, most of us here do.

  • 1009

    Hi gmason972. Our experiences are very similar. I totally agree.

  • gmason972

    Thanks for the responses everybody!...Nice to know I'm not alone in this. The one thing that the Watchtower Society HAS TAUGHT ME is TO NEVER PLACE YOUR VALUE AND WORTH in the HANDS OF OTHER PEOPLE!...

    Once you look deep down inside yourself and LET GO OF THE NEED TO HAVE APPROVAL FROM OTHERS...You will find out things about you; you didn't know before.

    YOU WILL FIND OUT HOW TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE!...You find out that whatever problem you are going through...YOU HAVE THE GOD GIVEN POWER TO MAKE IT BETTER!

    You don't need GROUP APPROVAL to be Happy or Successful in This Life!

    My experience has taught me that you only need 3 things to be truly happy and that is (HEALTH, WEALTH, AND HIGHER SELF)

    1. Good Health - The Healthy You are Inside your body, the better you will look and feel outside.

    2. Financial Freedom - (unfortunetely some people think that barely making it in life, or living on a wing and a prayer is a way of being humble, more spiritual, or closer to God - NOT!...WE HAVE ALL THE TALENT AND ABILITY TO BECOME MORE! - Even a tree grows as tall as it can, stretches every branch and limb that it can. Who said we got to live like a poor person to have God's approval.....URGGHHHH!

    3. Higher Self - Higher Self can be anything from meditation, spirituality (not religion), or whatever it takes to become one with the universe. (Think: The Law of Attraction)

    In conclusion: Thank All Yall for Yall's Comments (Lol, I Spoke like a True Texan Didn't I?)

    I don't hate the Jehovah's Wittnesses, but there is a hidden danger in getting too involved or involved at all. If you don't TRULY KNOW YOURSELF AND YOUR will fall prey to what OTHERS THINK OF YOU and you will be a slave to others opinions and THINK THEY CAME FROM GOD!...THIS EXPLAINS WHY SO MANY ARE DEPRESSED, SAD, AND EVEN SUICIDAL!...

    In the WTS you end up becoming a "People Pleaser" just to fit in. DON'T DO IT!...TO HELL WITH PEOPLE!....In the end..their friendly handshakes and smiles CANT PAY YOUR BILLS, WAKE YOU UP IN THE MORNING, OR PROVIDE HAPPINESS!...



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    A very warm welcome to you.


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