I give up

by KariOtt 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • bohm

    What is he doing on the computer? man loose interest in wife, spend all time on computer.. Sounds suspicious...

    if you have access to it you could install a keylogger?

  • paladin

    If I said to my wife lets take off away from home for a few days on vacation, then perhaps she would avoid meetings. It's the only time to unwind and relax.

  • anonymouz

    Well maybe before abandoning ship to a life boat, you may consider a well outlined letter that explains the top 20 problems with not so much "the truth", because the Bible does contain the truth in spite of human reproaches and confusions, but the problems that all intensified from the GB papal council formation. (1976).

    That led to the Bethel inquisition and the shunning revision, and that led to the UN NGO, and a self protection device to keep the con men in control of Bethel and unto it's complete corporate control (now complete), that in the proper set of world circumstances will be in these new owner's hands outside the internal ring that has positioned it for external seizures worldwide.

    You may lay all this out in some way written (as far as the basic red flags at Bethel), as you know verbal presentation can often be diverted and dead-ended, a written basic outline will come in handy because the "end of the world" this GB cabal is selling JWs, is not the end of the world, but the end of the national method of banking, financial and investment authority. And in that coming drawn out financial meltdown (limited, but severe), is when Bethel is also going down organizationally due to financial compromise already set-up in the corporate network globally. (The UN NGO was not the only kind of modifications this GB fronted operation is doing at Bethel, and it is also more than a stumbling campaign engineered to also add to the overall distraction of things that can indeed by pieced together from the evidence right from Bethel).

    I say this because even if your letter does not work immediately to get through to your husband, when the Bethel crunch begins to go into it's final phase of operations (starting soon), the whole JW organization and all JWs will indeed be facing very challenging developments, that the GB will only be able to sell off as "the end of the world" for only so long (like a couple years), because it is NOT the end of the overall global cycle the world will be entering financially first, it will be the BEGINNING of it - and the red flags are at Bethel and in the engineered JW "self fulfilling prophecy".

    And in time, as Bethel takes the actual organizational duress that will turn into financial developments due to Bethels trans-national context, JWs will eventually have to face the truth that the world is not actually ending as Bethel has stated, it was merely going into a financial globalization process that will take years to set the full functioning foundation of, albeit it will be a globally tribulatory period (that must end; Matt24:29). The multi-trillions in national debts worldwide and interconnection to the EU and US massive weak links in that chain, is what has been set-up to aid this monetary and financial international system as the "solution" to the current national finance problems, that of course will underpin greater economic downturns prior to any recovery. (Things will get far worse in a percentage of the world, before it get's better due to the scale of the "problem").

    But for sake of rationale, a recovery will eventually come, but the financial means of developing that will need to be revised globally to an international scale financial authority. Before that recovery a tribulatory economic context will develop to some degree for many nations.

    Since this must unwind and develop over the next decade, JWs will have to eventually face the reality of what Bethel's engineered errors and self fulfilling prophecies was actually backing, and in that period an explanation of the key developments as covered in what led to the UN NGO will be very helpful, because JWs will at that time have no organizational explanation (and even no organization to a severe degree), because of course no one at Bethel can continue to explain away a process requiring a full decade, when even JWs will figure out NO end of the world will have developed in those first three years. JWs will in time realize something is way wrong with the whole Bethel picture.


    A very basic logic Bethel and the GB covers up, is that God and Christ cannot arrive for a final sovereign battle (Armageddon), if in fact no gloalized human world government (8th King) is even fully completed and present, and the UN is NOT at that scope and full world government functionality. Yet. And the UN will merely be the international forum of what must and will in time be a complete world government (and that will take some years). The world cannot "end" prior to that world government's completion and final global sovereign statements (1Thess5:1-3) in the "freedom from care" (Dan8:25) of that recovery that must come, as that tribulatory period must also end as per Matt24:29. (and of course that takes a number of years to actually complete a world government).

    In the meantime JWs are told by Bethel the Messianic Kingdom of Christ is coming to fight nobody, because the UN is not a completed "8th King", and the UN itself is no world sovereign. Meaning plainly logically an "Armageddon" cannot arrive when no actual "8th King" rival sovereignty even exists!!

    So JWs are being sold a delusion and simplistic premature "the end" anxiety, to aid the Bethel implosion financially and organizationally in this period. And in fact much of the evidence that the GB is not Christian, much less anointed, is also present as they cannot fully hide the truth of what is actually developing as many are now seeing in modern form (2Thess2:3-4). And at the least, your husband would have a list of that evidence, and will have years to see none of what the GB is saying "come true", because the GB well knows it is not true, merely aiding a JW hoax at worldwide scale with premature expectations and a JW "self fulfilling prophecy" of Bethel desolations that can be used to actually cover up the Bethel financial and organization implosions, and JWs will think it is all "prophecy fulfilling brothers!" - for a while, in time even JWs will ave to face the reality of a drawn out final world phase to complete world government, the point of the whole development at it's culmination a number of years into that cycle.

    In the meantime soon, JWs will be told "it is all fulfilling prophecy!!". But it will not be the prophecies JWs think are fulfilling. And it cannot "end any day now brothers!" for the overall world system that still must complete full world government, it can only end for Bethel any day now. And when that comes, in time JWs will come to understand what was really going on. (And in fact it is all prophetic, just prophecy also covered up and diverted by Bethel).

  • jgnat

    If logic could do it, anonymouz, not only could we empty the Kingdom Halls, but the mental institutions, too!

  • jgnat

    Break up the routine where you can, paladin. The longer away, the more herself she will be.

    P.S. Being tired all the time is a red flag, too. Perhaps she should visit the family doctor. Get a prescription to get away for a while.

  • ruderedhead

    jgnat is spot on, kari! Online uni would give you not only an eduacation, but fill the time so you can't dwell on the jw's.

    Is there a someplace you could get a part-time job? Even Wal-mart? A small office? That would give you some $$ of your own, and be another way to fill time so you aren't dwelling on the jw situation. Plus you would have the opportunity to meet new people and develop relationships.

    Do you belong to a church? Are you looking for one? Again, there would be new people to meet and do things with, and many churches are active in the community, so you could volunteer and do some good for others as well as yourself.

    Own your life! Please don't allow the situation with your hubby/jw to overwhelm you and run your life. Easier said than done, I know, but so worth the effort of having a life well lived sweet girl!

  • Honesty

    What did you enjoy doing before you met your husband?

  • steve2

    Please, please, please don't be the kind of wife applauded by the organization. You know, the kind who only lives in the shadow of her husband and who lacks a separate, identifiable, interesting personality of her own and her own goals and interests.

    With that husband of yours numbing his way into the organization, you need to get yourself a life worth living.

    I can think of few things more odious than living my life with a spouse who is growing away from me and towards another attraction. If he became involved with another woman 5 days a week, you'd be kicking up a storm.

    You really don't need to settle for second best, girl. Who knows: Getting your own life and interests might shake that husband of yours out of his stupor and want to be involved in your enriched and enriching life. And if he doesn't? Your choice to ultimately stay with a man who loves his religion more than he loves you.

  • braincleaned

    I feel for you KariOtt... and alas I have no good advice. Find something to do that you like, or maybe think of moving on... easy said tho...
    In any case, you have support here. (((hugs)))


  • anonymouz

    Kingdom halls are mental insitutions, the fall of Bethel will free many more JWs from a Bethel version of their own "Babylon". The fall of Bethel is what the GB and Bethel are now painting the impression in JWs of an "Assyrian attack" (WT 11/15/13). It will be a complex corporate financial takeover that will be complete within three years. It will not be "the end of the world" as severe as it may appear, it will go on for years in post-Bethel world government developments, and in that time JWs will need recovery, as I do not hate JWs, I know where the deception and neurosis in the JW mind stems from: Bethel.

    So I try to prepare JWs now for what is really coming as it "can end anyday now" for Bethel, not the overall world system that still must complete an international system of order. And that will take a decade approximate, and will invlove national credit default, and major financial problems to facilitate the transition to a financial uni-polar world authority. It cannot simply function according to national methods and paradigms designed 200 and 300 years ago, it will be slowly transitoned into an international government with the latest understanding of global management. Not saying it will not be a bumpy ride, just one already financially in motion, and it's destination is a financial "world government" structure first, to aid the rest of the sovereign evolution to globalization culminations.

    It is not just JWs who will have to become aware of what is really manifesting. And in time the world government will plainly state the intent, for now it is very low key elite statements.

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