Baptism is a risk says - New YouTube video

by RayPublisher 35 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • BU2B

    I liked your video and article Eric B! Keep up the good work buddy, it encourages me

  • LucidChimp

    They say the exact opposite.

    This kind of thing just gives fuel to the "Apostates twist the facts and tell half-truths" bonfire.

    If they printed an article which said "some people think gay sex is groovy but Jehovah hates it" - would you then make a youtube video called = Gay sex is groovy says

    I appreciate the time and effort you put in and I enjoy watching your content - but this is not helpful.

  • RayPublisher

    Not everything in life is meant to be taken literally- that's all I've been trying to get across. If you like the video, great.

    If you don't then... you don't.

  • LucidChimp

    Not everything in life is meant to be taken literally

    That is true. Not everything, some things... Such as this.

    I'm honestly baffled that you are being so cavalier with the facts. Put bluntly, the title as it stands is a lie. (and people were polite in pointing it out - seems daft to be so obdurate)

  • KateWild

    RP- you have a PM, good video Kate xx

  • keynumber

    Blondie you and the others have covered the whole gamet of reason that some too young should not get baptized.

    All those reasons are right.

    To add My father, as we were raised in the country literally, with all the animals that go with it, provided very well, He drank on Friday many times to drunkeness and retired with 30yrs for a mining company with only a couple days missed thru that period. We as his siblings all had different personalities and delt with them some serious some not. And thru some of those periods us siblings getting together would excuse there problem to the way we were raised...I responded thats bull...t, your here because of him and the good hearts you have, have a great degree because of him.

    My father went to as many meeting as the amount of times he missed worked. But when it came to gatherings he would be considered a regular pioneer for the ones he attended. He liked certains ones, the steak and beer he was alway in good association.

    But he never supported me in my decision to go to Bethel, as a matter of fact he asked me "what are you going to learn to make a living?" "Why don't you go to school then if you still decide to go at least when you leave you'll have a proffesion. and if you go and learn nothing you might as well stay on the farms and mines, you'll get further."

    I regret I didnt listen to common sence. Left bethelwith no solid skillsl and a great struggle that could've been avoided.

    I think although others may differ, I would not let my kids get baptised till they were 18 and out of the house. At least if you blundered it, its not because you were to young.

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