A little help from you Apostate friends.LOL

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  • smiddy

    I would ask him if HE beleived the bible...then i would ask him if jw`s beleived what the bible says , if their teachings were based on the bible .

    He no doubt would answer yes of course to those questions . Then point out the bible has been the same for almost 2000 years and been used by catholic, protestant, and eastern orthodox religions during that time.

    Then point out beleifs , one or many ,of your choice where jw`s have changed their understanding of certain scriptures that has radically altered their beleifs.

    So my point is they dont beleive what the bible says , they beleive in the interpretation the wt gives to certain scriptures , which is in constant change over these past 130 years .

    Their is a big difference in beleiving what the bible ACTUALLY says against beleiving in an interpretation of what you THINK the bible means.

    Just my 2 cents worth


  • pronomono

    Jam, I agree. It all comes down to the individual. The UN was a big one for me. I thought it was a downright lie. I even convinced myself that the letters and articles were fabricated by apostates to draw me away from Jehovah -- that is until I found official documentation from the UN on their website stating the dates that the WTBTS was a NGO member. After that the floodgates opened for me.

    We can only offer suggestions, but when it comes down to it, we have to tailor TTATT to the individual we are sharing it with.

  • sarahsmile

    So he said that said(this was so funny) people sometimes get things wrong they move ahead.

    A generation are my peers, my age, mother and father and my kids.

    Seems like a lot of people getting things wrong?

    Hope he has his examples.

    Exbrother in law

    Some times there so much information how does one begin.

    There are three basic subjects who says that only one class should partake why not all who believe in Jesus? No bibical proof for that one!

    After your through with that topic he probably will think he is annointed. Throw in the changes about the GB.

    The society teaches that Jesus is not just Michael the archangle,but three different angels from Revelations. Another angel,an angel,and fallen angel.

    They completely added from the book of Revelations. Its Grand Climax Is At Hand. Goes against what Jesus states. You do not want to belong to a religion where Jesus is going to add plagues. Revelations 22. The book of Revelation is a book by it self!

    Ok I will add one more thought

    Ask him when he got baptised if he believed that Jesus was Michael the Archangel? Not too many talks given on that topic in the 60s-never! If the society believes Jesus is Michael should they have some talks on it? LOL.

    How does he explain that Jehovah called Jesus God in Hebrews.1

    By now yohr exbrother-in-law knows why?

    Ask him why he wants the info on you? Sounds like he has an ego!

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