Born Again Christians and JWs should look at the bigger picture and stop fighting with each other.

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I fail to see how the Bible, by itself, is the source of all evil. Stalin and Mao both terrorized people. The Bible can be a force for good or for bad. It is netural.

    Also, I see clear differences between born-agains and the Witnesses. First, born-agains believe in Christ. They are Christian. Altho I am not attracted to their form of worship myself, they believe that Christ is God. The Witnesses are more ancient Israelites who deny the centrality of Christ. They have nothing in common.

    People here seem to have problem with nuance. Everything is black and white, good or bad. Well, you are now able to make such judgments for your self. A basic right the WT strips from its members. Sometimes the ignorance is so thick here I want to flee.

    Others of good faith and morals can believe things I do not. Civil society is possible. I always try to say "my belief is....." There is no list of right or proper beliefs. What we believe is a product of class, education, geography, history, language, etc. I can value what is appropriate for me while allowing others to value what is right for them.

    There are too many dictators here. Of course, next I will come upon a learned and sophisticated thread.

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    BotR I agree, the Bible can be used for good or bad, as can politics .

    Cofty , would the person you describe want to go to a Bible study ?

    Why are all Christians divided into JWs Mormons etc or Evangelicals and fundamentalists ?

    I go to an Anglican church in England (just for the 2 of you who have not read this before ) and we have a wide ranging set of interpretations and discussion often takes place where ideas are aired and exchanged .

    Most Christians in the world are quite middle of the road and easy going , I know lots .


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