What was your "Aha!" moment?

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  • ShirleyW

    I was a born in but never really bought into it, but the thing tha absolutely solidified it for me was Crisis of Conscience, written by some that was DEFINITELY "in the know" !! Too many individual stories in the book to mention, but the Malawi situation always sticks in my mind.

  • anonymouz

    The UN NGO. Which I searched the WTLib CD for "new world order" and saw the co-promotional evidence of an abruption of citations from 1991-2001, which basically quoted the George Bush Sr. UN 3rd placement statements (Dan11:31b). (Awake! 9/8/1991).

    There is more to it than just the UN NGO. Then Bethel also retains the failed USSR fiction to cover up that 3rd UN placement significance, and prophecy at Daniel 11:30-45, which of course leads to a 4th and final UN placement at Daniel 11:45 - once one realizes King North is actually the 8th King that Bethel also conceals this whole time as a UN placement aid for the final cycle to lead to UN final placement as world government in the Dan11:42-45 phase.

    Thus Bethel's current fiction of Dan8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-31, are actually their 1990 culminated "they will place the disgusting thing" (Dan11:31b) as UN accomplices as part of the "they" as "those leaving the holy covenant". And that UN NGO dedication, co-promotion and cover-up is thus the actual 1990 incept "transgression causing desolation" of Daniel 8:13 that leads to a timed judgment of Dan8:14 soon, due to parallel Dan8:11-12 and Dan11:30-32a Bethel collusion and 8th King influence developments and events.

    Thus the "library card" excuse is ridiculous as Bethel still covers for UN developmental final cycle activation, to leave JWs bewildered as it begins a multi-year final phase as Dan11:42-45, that they will sell to JWs as premature Dan11:44-45 "the end" sequence misapplied. Thus the Dan8:13-14 Bethel desolation for UN NGO, can be made to appear as something entirely different and out of sync with prophecy and the final globalization process which will just be starting "at that time" (WT 11/15/13 pg. 20, par. 17, directive #3).

  • DS211

    Anonymouz can you start that on a new thread and elaborate in lamens terms? I think thats a landmine

  • LostGeneration

    Like others, CoC was big for me. I pretty much knew it was all bull before I got my hands on a copy of that book.

    When I read in CoC that they were proposing moving the 1914 date to the late 50s when Sputnik was launched that was it. I knew these ass-clowns simply made shit up and passed it off as Jah's instructions.

  • NewYork44M

    I had an intense argument/discussion about the trinity with someone in an AOL chat room. I was asking questions, he thought I was arguing. In the discussion he showed how the watchtower manipulated scriptures.

    I remember the exact moment when I "got it." I was scared silly. I took this nugget of information and then reviewed all my beliefs with the same constructive objective approach that the argument forced me to use. In the end, none of my beliefs were worthwhile. All proved to be a wasted lifetime.

    While the protagonist in my heated discussion won the arguement, I don't think that my eventual agnostic approach to life is what his goal was when the discussion started.

  • TTATTelder

    My aha interestingly came from dealing with things in the congregations I've been in. I have dealt with and seen politics, nepotism, and outright slanderous deceit from elders off and on my entire life.

    As if dealing with the bad seeds wasn't bad enough, the "good guys" would often sit idly by and do nothing. The CO's would turn their heads and even look at concerned publishers as the troublemakers.

    Then one day it hit me.

    I looked at the organization like a business for the first time. When you have rampant problems in a large corporation it is always reflective of the upper management. If you have a back-biting, nasty, political environment in a company, it's because the upper management is indirectly if not directly creating that culture.

    The politics and deep seated problems in the WTBTS go all the way to the top. That's the only explanation of how some of these congregations can get to such a deplorable spiritual level and nothing be done about it. The emphasis on status quo over spirituality goes all the way to the top. I have now confirmed that through research and investigation.

  • Phizzy

    Good thread Hortenzie !

    If there were just one thing that made all of us go "Aha !" then the WT could maybe change that, and certainly individual JW's would say we should "wait on jehovah" (strange expression, sounds like I should serve him a meal),LOL.

    But with so many reasons, and many more on similar threads, in fact virtually every poster on this subject has a different "Aha", it means the whole WT/JW religion is rotton, all the way through.

  • Rattigan350

    When: There is constant pressure to 'Marry only in the Lord', the reason they give is to please God. But to be in the Lord, one must study their books and go to their assemblies. The apostle Paul didn't hinge pleasing God on reading his letters and studying his material and going to his meetings. It was Christianity that he focused on.

    Then to continue - Marry only in the Lord was not for the person's happiness, but to augment their business model, i.e. keep people going to meetings and out in service to keep them busy and contributing.

    Then the clincher was to realize that their being against audio files and websites was not for the reasons they gave, but because it hurts their business model. Focusing attention on them to make people thankful to them and then to contribute. It is all about supporting them and we mean nothing. I just didn't want to mean nothing but a timeslip.

  • Rattigan350

    Add to it: On Survivor Redemption Island with Boston Rob. He told the ones in his tribe to use the buddy system to keep the other tribe from influencing them and upsetting Rob's alliance and if those in his alliance turn on him they will report it back to him and vote that one out. The result is that Rob could keep his pawns to benefit him.

    At that tribal council, Julie from the other tribe said he was running it like a cult.

    That got me thinking about how JWs go door to door in twos for protection from being influenced from changing their loyalties. They keep their association with other Witnesses and avoid association with non-Witnesses for the same reasons. In that Survivor season, Rob did that for his benefit, not for the benefit of those others. The Governing body instructs Witnesses for the GB's benefit, not the Witnesses' benefit. They are running it like a cult to keep their pawns.

  • Ucantnome

    i think my aha moment came after i left.

    when i had a problem with something in the Watchtower i had no intention of leaving and it was about two years later that i finally stopped attending.

    some years later i had an elder call on me for a while and it was in one of his visits that the scales fell from my eyes so to speak. i was somewhat shocked.

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