I Went To A Catholic Mass Yesterday And What A Waste of Time!

by minimus 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • barry

    Minimus I think you would like the Anglican church we as a family go to we have very few rituals. Apart from the Apostals creed and the litergy of communion and the absence of the WT book there is little ritual there. The Anglican priest doesn't mind if a person wants to be baptised by immersion or infant baptism can be also arranged. We meet in a school hall so there is no religious artifacts

  • minimus

    The mysticism, I think, is what I really don't like.

    I have been to a baptism about 2 years ago and I thought the service was pretty good because of the priest. THIS priest sucked. He really did. Even the Catholic families of the deceased said they thought the priest was "too old".

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