For all believers: I have a serious question

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  • confusedandalone

    God ordered the killing of men women and children and animals and pillaging of various nations around them. In some instances god apparently led the way with his might arm.

    This is not a question of wether it is right or wrong, but moreso a question(s) of:

    1. If you were there would you have personally participated in those killings or would you ignore the commands?

    2. Yes would you personally take out your sword and run it through the belly of a pregnant woman the way your god commanded?

    3. Would you have crushed in the skull of your child that was disrespectful to you?

  • cantleave

    I eagerly await the answers............................................................

  • PaintedToeNail

    Probably, if there was a frenzy of killing by everyone else around me. People tend to get caught up in things around them. Look at Nazi Germany, a lot of people there got caught up in the 3rd Reich killing machine. Recently saw an interview with a woman who admitted to being a guard at a female camp, she was very remorseful now and ashamed of her past, her only reasoning was it was what was going on around her.

  • cofty

    When I posed a similar question 3 years ago Snowbird answered, "If I were an Israelite soldier, I would have felt duty-bound to obey... Damn skippy!"

    I wonder if anybody is still so crass.

  • confusedandalone

    "In those times, taking vengeance upon your enemies ( yes, children and women) was viewed as a duty - not necessarily an act of courage.

    Courage is marching through a seabed with water suspended on both sides of you.




  • confusedandalone

    Rofl the silence is golden

  • anonymouz

    The nations do that right now in allied wars of Global NATO and others. And those roots go back to Nimrod of Gen10-11. And everyone now can research exactly what Canaanites practiced as organized child sacrifice as part of their conquest priorities.

    So not as a justification, but at that time in human history if one did not have the likes of Samson and David as all around a$$ kickers upon people who wanted to come in and burn your children to Baal or Molech, as a dedication to ancient Nimrod, that is exactly what happened. So we cannot know all the details of what was a war of serpent seed spreading that also occurred in Genesis 6, according to the Bible record, and if one is going to play Christian, one might as well respect the central rule book.

    This is not jusitification it was a sign of those times. But Christ changed the story. Although having the ability to call on "twelve legions of angels" of which only one could wipe out all Italy and Jerusalem proper, he sacrificed his own life to seal the changing of the times, not for the world, but for people of God.

    The world still practices all of the above to enrich the central finance, technology and industrial complex with also needed supplies and fuel (like oil and more capital) to continue the same pattern from Gen11. Being Christian now means laying down the sword if one really wants to actually follow Christ, so God's permission of war was for a greater purpose. It is not God today, but politicians who command wars with aid of various philosophers and religious leaders, ultimately for the central top internationalist financiers. It is all about power and money to continue the conquests later.

    Thus God separating a peaceful people, also keeps them free of the actual implications of what war really is, not what they tell everyone is the reasons. Since even before WW1, but especially since then, all these powers have directed resources to more war potential. (Isa2:1-4; Joel3:9-12). It is not the international bankers and financiers that fight those wars, it is they who get richer and expand the operation due to them.

  • jonahstourguide

    Well now,

    if the accounts are accurate and if i was there , unashamedly yes. If I would not then a sword would possibly have been run through me !!!

    It is all about survival based on current understanding,,,, cant find my smileys ggrrrrrr!!!

  • Comatose

    Jonahstourguide's viewpoint is the opposite of mine. I dont care if it was true or god did say it. IF it WAS true, I'd say no. If I had to die, then so be it. I'd try to run away from the almighty and loving god, but if his minions tracked me down then I'd die.

  • tec

    Are you asking what people would have done had they been born 4000 years ago in that culture and in that time and under those laws? Most (theist or atheist) would have done what was acceptable and expected of them 4000 years ago. Same as most people do what is acceptable and expected of them today.

    Some would have seen from the law that mercy and love were greatest, and would shown those as best they could... and some would have used the law as a means to JUDGE and CONDEMN rather than show love and mercy. All depending upon what was in them.

    Same as today.



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