WOW-crazy day at work. Congrats to me???

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  • TweetieBird

    Sharing my wild day at work today because it is 1am and I can't sleep.

    I am an assistant manager at an apartment community. The manager has been a complete nightmare (bipolar and incompetent) so the last 10 months have been challenging to say the least. Got to work this morning and our regional was already there which was a little strange but half expected due to something that happened last week. I walked back into the kitchen to find the HR person (from out of state) making coffee. I said hi to her and asked her if someone was getting fired. She looked at me strange.

    The manager showed up a little while later (late as usual) so I asked her if she knew they were coming to which she said, "no". Long story short, a few hours later they escorted her out of the building with her personal belongings and promoted me to manager.

    It was a true WTF moment. They brought the rest of the staff in and told us that she was pursuing other opportunities (unemployment compensation would be my guess) and that I am now the boss.

    So here I am wide awake at 1am, rebounding from the 3 glasses of wine that I had when I got home, no doubt, and head spinning out of control trying to figure out my new job. She left me with a drawer full of unfinished projects and 500 emails to sort through.

    Thanks for letting me vent.


    I hope tomorrow goes OK. At least the former manager is out of the picture now. Good luck!!

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi TweetieBird, Get some sleep, take a big breath tomorrow, and start solving one problem at a time.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Vanderhoven7


  • TweetieBird

    Thanks. A little freaked out though cause she lives on site and she's ballsy enough to continue living there. She always said that if she got fired she would cause trouble.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Have a good rest. A sound sleep.

    Congratulations on the promotion.


  • JeffT

    So in 1984 I had a job as an assistant apt manager to supplement my income (I'd just gotten out of a second run at college and entry level accounting jobs didn't pay much). About a month into it, the owners got in a fight over management, two of the five owners had their own mgmt companies and one succeeding in talking the other partners into giving him the building. The other guy pulled the crew off the property in retaliation. The last thing the old manager did, on Sunday morning, was hand me a coffee can full of keys and tell me I was in charge. I ended up quiting the entry level job, and stayed in property management until I was pushed into retirement in 2009. On the whole it worked out pretty well.

    I'm surprised your manager's contract doesn't specify that they have to get off the property if they are no longer employed there. I hope they don't cause too much trouble. Where are you? I'm in Washington state. If you want advice or just to swap war stories PM me.

  • TweetieBird

    Jeff, she was receiving a discount on her rent which will go away Dec. 1st. She had a hard time paying it with the discount so i'll probably end up evicting her for non-payment. She's a mess.

    I'm in Florida (the panhandle).

    Things were pretty good today. My head maintenance guy has decided to stay since they let her go. He had asked for a transfer because of her. Our previous maintenance guy (a good friend of mine) quit last year because of her and another maintenance tech quit because of her. We've lost several of our residents because of her in the past and the ones that stuck around are rejoicing at her leaving. Karma's a bitch.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
  • Oubliette

    Wow! Get some sleep, get a clear head and get to work!

    Keep us posted.

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