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  • dungbeetle

    pathofthorns, do you think it ispoosible for you to sit down at your keyboard and type something that is HONEST? Possible AT ALL?

    Nothing that you have said indicates you are a 'work' in progress, 'not an expert', and further I have seen nothing in this forum that states you 'dislike the watchtower'. Which is not the issue, although you brought it up.

    What riled me is your assertion that individuals may now go to the authorities without Watchtower sanction. Thsi is a blatant and flagrant lie, which not only Bill and I can attest to personally, but so can some twenty or thirty people---and probably way more--individuals on this board.

    Now are you calling all of us liars? You then backtracked by saying, well, that was six months ago. Why does it matter if it was six months ago? You demnanded something more recent. Bill pointed out to you that the BOE letter doesn't say what YOU say it says.

    Personally, the fact that six months ago is not relevant is absolutely laughable. Bill is being shunned today, tho he has broken no Watchtower policies and procedures---so YOU say. Why are these people df'd and shunned if it's 'okat' to go to the authoritues?

    In any case, Bill's assertions were verified with the release of the May 15, 2002 Watchtower, specifiying that any individual going over and elder's head and 'reporting' a confidential matter is to be shunned. Watchtower has gone one step further---now you don't even get a judical hearing to defend yourself. I think perhaps, as a pre-emptive strike regarding lawsuits, Watchtower is scaling down judicial committe hearings, if not dipsensing with them altogether.

    Remember the good old days, when you were to be notified IN writing of the charges against you and IN WRITING of the time, date, and place of hearing? How far we have come.

    Pathofthorns can whine all he/she wants, but Bill and I know what we see. I can see that BOE letter, read that May 15th Watchtower, and comprehend what it says in my own friggin' native language, for crying out loud.


    And one more thing---Bill may be finished with you Pathofthorns...

    BUT I AM NOT!!!

    dungbeetle---of the 'I don't forget' class....[>:(]

  • Prisca

    So Path isn't perfect, and he changes his opinions from time to time.

    So what? Give the guy a break. I find this attack unnecessary and totally without foundation.

    Path has been a poster from the year dot on this board, and one of the most balanced people here. His responses to many issues have always been fair and reasonable. He may not be as bitter as many on this board may be, but that is not to say he has not had his fair share of problems in leaving the WTS.

    We're all in this together, OK? Just because you think he is wrong in some things he has said is no reason to attack him like this.

    I am surprised to see this coming from you Dungbeetle - I thought better of you.

  • Reborn2002

    Dungbeetle said:

    Bill's assertions were verified with the release of the May 15, 2002 Watchtower, specifiying that any individual going over and elder's head and 'reporting' a confidential matter is to be shunned.

    I obviously missed this new information and I do not have that particular issue in my possession. Would someone kindly provide the article for me?

    It is not religious persecution for an informed person to expose publicly a certain religion as being false, thus allowing persons to see the difference between false religion and true religion.
    WT 11/15/1963 page 688 paragraph 3

  • dungbeetle

    I don't like being called a liar on a public board...and I especially don't like Bill being called a liar.

    "What you are saying is not true" is calling me and Bill a liar. Several times over. I'm only just getting started.

  • dungbeetle

    I've been BEGGING people to put it up. Hopefully I'll have it today. Ihave to hand type it tho. <groan>

    I shoudl specify...I don't like being called aliar when I'm NOT one. You can call me one if I AM one.

  • Prisca
    "What you are saying is not true" is calling me and Bill a liar.


    "Not true" = not correct.

    "Liar" = states untruth with the intention, motive to decieve

    Where has Path indicated that you or Bill had the motive to deceive anyone?

  • Mulan

    38 states plus 22 states equals 60 states. HUH?

    Marilyn (aka Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

  • dungbeetle

    See Bill's post above.

    Prisca, sometimes people are not who they have appeared to be. But they expose themselves over time. I am not revealing everything I know--I can't because I will then reveal confiences--I assume Bill knows more than he is saying as well.

  • SixofNine

    Geez Mulan, pull your head out; we've had several wars since we took Puerto Rico.

    *wink to make this obvious for Mulan. *Secondary wink to gently chide Mulan that she should know my sense of humor enough by now that I shouldn't have to post a wink along with an outrageous statement like the above. *good measure wink

  • expatbrit

    I'm also quite disturbed at this nascent vendetta brewing against Pathofthorns. I have met and talked with Path several times, and found him to be extremely level-headed and logical in thought. He has a good ability to step back and view an issue objectively without letting emotions cloud the clarity of his judgement.

    He is most certainly not a "Watchtower supporter", nor is he a troll, and it is disappointing to see Silentlambs and Dungbeetle reduced to using those types of steamrollering tactics merely because someone expresses a continuing differing opinion.

    To Silentlambs: have you considered that Path is giving you an extremely useful way of preparing your cases and message for the general public and mainstream media, when and if the Dateline program airs? Surely you must know that the level of objective criticism you have received from him will be nothing compared to the levels you will get from large media organisations, whose credibility, viewer levels, and above all, REVENUE, is dependent upon the stories they air. Not to mention the WT lawyers, media people, etc, who will be doing their utmost to rip Silentlambs to shreds.

    If you cannot respond to Pathofthorns' comments without name-calling and emotional accusations, how will you fare in the glare of public view?


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