A Challenge for Jehovahs Witness Apologists : Identify What Jesus Christ Has Accomplished In His Nearly Complete 100 Year Reign From 1914

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    Band on the Run


    If we research the gospels for Jesus sayings which might indicate His interests and priorities, I would expect the Coming of Christ to immediately herald world peace, a healing of our fractured ecosystem, end of child abuse, end of world hunger, good and affordable housing everywhere. Clean water and superb medical care. Basically, the elements of the social gospel. Slavery and human sex trafficing would cease immediately. HIV, cancer, diabetes, ALS, and dementia, among other dread illnesses would disappear.

    I see no signs that Christ arrived and is ruling. In fact, the signs are that is not here at all. Jesus of Nazareth was not all about mystical union with God or spirituality. He cared about our concrete, daily needs. Humans who desire certain relationships would have them. Bias would end. Yes, polio was cured. HIV popped out. Global warming is happening. In sum, there is no evidence that Jesus is doing anything to help humans.

    Others here focus on the spiritual voices. This is not correct theology if one relies on the canonical gospels. I am not claiming that Jesus would not converse with special human friends. The gospel Jesus goes out and improves the world. The blind can see, the poor are fed, the dead are raised.

    The weak and vapid Witness Jesus may be here but not the Jesus or Christ proclaimed in the gospels or Paul's epistles. I still proclaim Jesus is God. Well, I have standards for my gods. He is not performing as expected. There is a competitive marketplace of gods in the world. Feeling groovy with Jesus is not enough by Jesus' own standards. Heck, we don't even have the United Federation of Planets yet, let alone the Coming of Christ.

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    Black Man

    Haha! Great thread!

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    Well, the JWorg through their publishing arm has distributed Bibles to various lands in their native languages. Granted, nearly 100% of them at the "cost" of indirect mind control by the JWorg from the ministers.

    Else, under the Greek Jesus (the) Christ, the JWorg has taken sincere, Bible believing people away from the Hebrew faith (from the Scriptures), as in the Torah, Sabbath, etc. Thus replacing Yahusha and His Father Yahuah, both with poorly created English names.

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