Looking for X jw friends in Sacramento CA. Gotta start my social life allllll over grrrrr

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    As my username implies, I am 20, but that's not usually a hurdle for me in establishing connections with older people! I live in Los Angeles, though, so if you're ever around here we can meet! Good luck building your friendships in Sacramento!

  • sister x
    sister x

    I was onthe Rick fearon show this weekend.... Why is everyone so shy. Has he lost a lot of listeners.?

  • USofWhatever

    my wife and I are in our late 20's/early 30's in San Francisco, let us know if you're ever down here

  • sister x
    sister x

    Ok. I will....

  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    Hi Michelle, I'm not sure why X JW's feel like they can only mingle w/ other X jw's. Thats the limiting belief that got everyone in to the problem to begin with. If the clownbags in brooklyn couldn't isolate you in the first place this Greek tragedy never would have happened. Just sayin'. Go out in the world and make a life with normal healthy people.

  • blondie

    Look on www.meetup.com under ex-jws or variation in the Sacramento area.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I don't normally recommend certain people on JWN, but the member known as "Flipper" has a great gathering every summer in Lake Tahoe.

    So he may know who is in that area. Send him a private message if he doesn't respond to this thread.

    And come to this summer's gathering if you can.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I was onthe Rick fearon show this weekend.... Why is everyone so shy. Has he lost a lot of listeners.?

    There's nothing wrong with going to Rick's show, but Rick is a sensationalist and has made a bad name for himself on JWN.

    So, YES. Yes, he has lost a lot of listeners.

    And a big welcome to you, Sister X. Also, to "20."

  • flipper

    SISTER X- I PMed you my private contact information. My wife and I live about an hour from you in the area. If you'd like to chat check your PM message I sent. You'll see our phone numbers. I used to live in the Sacramento area. Take care, we are here for you

  • 3rdgen

    Hi sister x, Hubby (BaalamsAss) and I live about two hrs North of you right off I 5. (about 1hr before you get to Hortensia) We have wanted to meet her but it hasn't worked out yet. We have met Mr and Mrs Flipper and skinned sheep. They are AWSOME people who "get it". While I agree that it is important to make new friends who have no connections to Watchtower, it is comforting and validating to share experiences with those who have the perspective of being under the influence of the cult. PM me if you come up our way.

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