Overheard some JWs on the train today- going to be interesting this year

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  • lrkr

    Cruising down to the city this afternoon we were behind a group of j-dubs on the train. Part of the conversation centered around the "generation" teaching. All of them clearly trying to wrap their heads around it. "But if those brothers are all dead and these ones overlap how long is a generation....."

    I dont see the change in the generation teaching going well for them. Its just too obvious what they are doing- trying to stretch out the "urgency" they have been preaching for 100 years now.

    And with it being 2014- you can see the duck and cover starting. Annual text is "let your kingdom come" study articles in January are about how great it is that the Kingdom has been reigning for 100 years. Anything to avoid people saying- "Hey wait a second- when is this Armageddon thing happening anyway???"

  • OnTheWayOut

    Deep deep down, most JW's probably are no longer in expectation of Armageddon in their own lifetime. They are just living with "Where else is there to go?" because they think JW's are more right than anyone else.

    It may be an interesting year indeed.

  • steve2

    It's reassuring to hear some reasonable questions being asked by the rank and file....although, we ought not to place too high an expectation on those reasonable questions leading to an exodus. Indeed, there is nothing quite so reliable with human nature than the paralyzing impact of doubt. Humans have an amazing capacity to stay just where they are, despite rational-minded misgivings. It's as true for employment and marriage as it is for religious affiliation. Or to put it another way, there are untold ways to "leave" a religion other than by walking out the door.

    Apathy is - and always has been - the organization's biggest headache.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Some who are finally realizing something is not quite right, will wait on a wing and a prayer that the Org will be cleaned up (which is something I personally thought at one time). But now that I've learnd how the org was started, and the shadows who are really running the machine are simply corporate goones..I see that NEVER happening.

    Others will simply say as OTWO mentioned....."Where else will we go?".......

    However, the near future will indeed be interesting.


    We are on the threshold of the New World!!!! Wait on Jehovah!!

  • ABibleStudent

    If a JW says "Where else will we go?", why not ask them 'Don't you mean " “Lord, to whom shall we go?" The Bible directs Christians to follow Jesus Christ (i.e., John 6:68) instead of an organization, so why do JWs follow imperfect men?'

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • prologos

    Richard dawkins makes the observation in "The God delusion" that hanging on, even in desperate situations, gave an advantage to the group, and is now a build- in feature of human behaviour, in love like in religion (a related feeling he says).

    I sense that the not- so -dumb R&F has swallowed the contortions of the doctrine-managers and is settling in for the HUMAN FACTOR. huddling for comfort.

    Doctrines were wrong, are wrong and will be wrong, so let's rescue what is left.

  • jwfacts

    Annual text is "let your kingdom come" study articles in January are about how great it is that the Kingdom has been reigning for 100 years.

    How do they expect to mention such a concept without raising more questions than answers? In what way has this invivible reign been great, and for who? Does Jesus still have another 1000 years to reign, or is there only going to be a 900 year paradise under Jesus?

  • Finkelstein

    You mean this living in the end times prophecy and Armageddon soon proclamations were just marketing

    schemes implemented by a corrupt religious publishing house ?

    But the WTS said it was solemnly chosen by god to dispel bible truths ?

  • exwhyzee

    The worlds religions are populated to the hilt by individuals believing all sorts of nonsense, going through painstaking ritual and turning a blind eye to all manner of things. Although they think they are different, JW's are the same and there will be plenty of them who will continue to overlook the fact that 100 years has passed since 1914 and will blindly press on rather than acknowledge that they have been heading down a blind alley with their foot on the gas.

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