Announcement: Schools for Couples and Single Brothers replaced by School for 'everyone'

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  • sir82

    now carrying the title special pioneer

    There was nothing in the letter indicating that the "graduates" would get a promotion to special pioneer.

    Special pioneers get $ and free health insurance benefits from the Society.

    The Society is cheap, cheap, cheap.

    No, the "graduates" will be assigned to Podunk Falls South Dakota and will be expected to (A) regular pioneer and (B) support themselves.

    Which brings up a question - what will be the "punishment" for "graduates" who are assigned to Redneckville Alabama and decide, after a month, that they hate it and want to go back home?

    The Society, I would have to think, would not take lightly the "graduate" spurning their direction after the Society spent time & money feeding, housing, and instructing these guys.

  • confusedandalone

    " There was nothing in the letter indicating that the "graduates" would get a promotion to special pioneer."

    Let's say they are just termed as graduates of the Special evangilizing school for losers" that still gives them a leg up on the old ragged pioneers in the congregation.

    ITs like the guy that went to MTS and got reassigned to his old hall. He becomes big dog because he graduated from a special school

  • Gayle

    I think many of these places "where the need is greater," in the U.S. anyway, are not very productive from JW standpoint. Harder to get Bible Studies in comparison to many 'city' areas, therefore, much less to ever get to baptism. Many idealistic JWs, to where the 'need is greater' eventually moved back to original location with much disappointments.

  • steve2

    Promotion to special pioneer. That's trickery isn't it? A bit like adding the word "special" to the role of janitor. You, dear man, are now a senior janitor.

  • Sapphy

    I'm not 100% sure they have thought this through. They will be overwhelmed with applications from late 30's early 40's single sisters with 20 years regular pioneering and quiet desperation behind them. Put those sisters in a residential school with a lot of single elders & ministerial servants, throw in a few married couples reaching the 7 year itch stage and you've got the makings of quite a farce.

    Maybe they will need a new arrangement " automatic Judicial committees for graduates of the theocratic school for evangelizers" - just in case.

  • suavojr

    I can see many 40+ single sisters from my hall signing up. This will make them feel proud and special, hopefully this can cause some old timers to start questioning the WT, or maybe not. I can see them also making more money from these people that feel marginalized and lonely.

  • piztjw

    As long as they allow the single sisters and single brothers to attend the same class sessions.

    I'm betting that will never happen. Why even in the past the field serve us car gropes, er groups , had to be segregated. Even husbands and wives were expected to split up so that there would be no "pairing up".

  • piztjw

    But single sisters (over 25 yrs old) outnumber, single brothers. what? 8 to 1, I would guess?

    That's likely because any jw female over the age of majority, at least in my observation, who is single, is single for a damned good reason.

    They're either physical cripples, mental cripples, have major family issues (who in their right mind wants to marry three generations of users?). And even IF one should marry there is a very good chance you will never know the person until it is too late. Then what? Marriage is not really promoted by the jw religion IMO.

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