Announcement: Schools for Couples and Single Brothers replaced by School for 'everyone'

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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I know this was noted earlier:

    but it was officially announced today that the School for Couples and the School for Single Brothers were being combined with the new twist that Single sisters would be allowed also. In addition, the age limits for all was increased to 65, with the stipulation that anyone between 50-65 were required to have their income and medical needs taken care of. All of any age would be required to be willing to go wherever the WT assigns them.

    This is no longer a rumor, but is official.

    I don't know whether this is good news or bad, in either case the WT society is changing tactics.

  • blondie

    Can't get enough candidates for both schools, I bet. Single sisters, so they must be going to do the preaching while the brothers do the administrative work.

  • Kojack57

    For them to do this is called desperation.

  • emeth

    Its all part of the strategy to increase the 'volume loudness level', as is the change in hours for pioneers and aux pioneers and reduced nr of hours in certain months. More people participate, meaning more field service, more people reached, more literature distributed, more studies.

    Dont be surprised to see that the Jehovah's Witnesses and JW.ORG will become much more visible and well known the coming years.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    wow yeah can you smell the desperation? I would LOVE to see the numbers on how many elders/servants are deleted vs. how many are appointed

  • Stand for Pure Worship
    Stand for Pure Worship

    Never would have thought about it like that Emeth. Makes sense. Good observation.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    So they've merged the BS for Single Brothers with the BS for Couples to create a new all-inclusive BS for everyone. But isn't it still BS?

  • Gayle

    Can't get enough of young people either, thus age increase requirement. Finding even enough of those will be hard as they must have their own independent funds and health care money. And they have created their own shortage to fit their requirements.

  • steve2

    Dont be surprised to see that the Jehovah's Witnesses and JW.ORG will become much more visible and well known the coming years.

    Absolutely spot on! Indeed, it is already happening as is chiefly evidenced by Witnesses feeling the urgent need to contribute posts to - and counting time on - anti-JW forums.

  • JHK

    The aim is: "One man, one school."

    The Governing Body Bank needs economic unpaid workers.

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