Well, here's my story... Like it or not.

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  • staceman


    It is nice to hear from you...
    I wish I could've let you know what I was going thru too, but at the time I had to be "strong".
    I know that in many if not most cases, this would be a difficult situation being that you were married to my sister. But I do know that the two of you still talk and are on friendly terms with each other which is very nice and I respect you for that. I have talked with her though and asked her how she felt about you and I being friends and she doesn't have a problem with that at all. I'm sure you know though that had things been different I would've had to side with my sister. But as things are, I would very much like to get together with you and be friends with you again. But this time "real" friends... without putting on a face of strength or doing what others expect of us. Just really being ourselves....
    I know that you and sis will probably never be husband and wife again but I also understand how things happen (look at me!) and the fact the you two are still on speaking terms says a lot. I love my sister/s and want her to be happy most of all and it appears that she is on the right track.
    So, thanks again for the response and I look forward to getting together with you real soon and just talking and maybe kicking your butt at a little pool.....hehe
    Still on for Friday night the 17th?
    Take care bud...

  • JBean

    Gosh this is so great! I'm getting all weepy! I just LOVE to see family members "find" each other. I wish all the best for you Staceman & Jason... and welcome to all the Newbies!

  • Gopher

    Agreeing with Jbean here,

    This is the love that marks those who apostatize from JW's!! By your apostofests and dinners and pool games, all will know you are recovering from your experience in the Borg! And you will know the truth about the troof, and the truth will set you free!

    Minnesota apostofest.... June 22nd ... what a great re-union it will be! (More info on this later...)


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  • not interested
    not interested

    Yea you might look forward to kicking my ass at pool but i dount think its gonna happen

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