WT gearing up to dump Russell and come clean on early history?

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  • AlphaMan

    Is the Watchtower gearing up to dump Russell?

    Crooklyn Watchtower nowadays operates like criminals......dump Charles Taze Russell in the East river, and kill all witnesses to the origins of the Mega-Corporate religious cult.


    They probably are getting ready to tweak something. They said over and over at the AGM [ which i was priviledged to attend ] that they had the utmost respect for the FDS who came before them, but..... SILVER SWORD TIME!!! ALL the GB/FDS has to do is say, " In the past it was understood..."

    Yes, when the time is right they can even tweak or drop the "current" 1914 understanding. If I was on the GB, I would suggest that 1914 was the start of the Heavenly coronation ceremony. Jesus has not been enthroned yet, although he carries out his duties as King designate for JEHOVAH (tm). It's all about buying time, and keeping the money flowing in. Sure they may lose some American and Europeans, maybe some others, but they have the foreign field in lands that lack the internet and literacy. They could run things with a skeleton crew if they had to.

    Just kick all the workers out once Warwick is finished. The spiritual high of being a slave for the Great 8 will keep the sheeple satisfied for awhile. Then it's business as usual. With the threat of everlasting death hanging over their heads, the sheeple will be all too willing to sacrifice their " valuable things" for the Borg. If many JWS walk out, then those remaining will believe that they really are the chosen few!! Where else can we go to Lords??


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Nah, WT will never come clean about anything. If there's anything wrong, it's because YOU misunderstood. Anything that can be ignored, will be ignored, including WT's early history. Here's how it works...

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    As to the OP, who really knows? The GB??? Does the GB ever get mad at whoever makes up, their agenda, for them?

    I mean, even they have got to wake up and smell the roses of their nonsense, flipping flopping nu -lite ALL the time.

    Decade after decade flip flopping nu -lite. ??? lol

    When is God going to trust telling them the truth... so there is just "light" not nu -lite????

    Because obviously God has not trusted them... EVER. lol I mean what happened to Armageddon, just around the corner?

    Don't get married, but we can, even twice. lol Don't have children. But we can. Don't you go to University but we need help fighting all of these pedophile cases, so DECADES ago, we paid for OUR smartest and brightest to become WT Lawyers, but you can't do that. We NEED you to stay uneducated. lol Who else would stick around and work for us for free? Smart people? I don't think so. lol

    Do you buy and sell... Flip properties for a PROFIT??? YOU are being materialistic and you are bad.

    We do it and we say Jehovah has blessed us... with ... Billions! lol lol

    Even they have to realize what they said in the past is now redundant. lol

    Wake up people and quit ALLOWING yourself to be USED.


    Giordano... As far as the Mormons go, google how many wives did Bingham Young have. I did it right now, it states he had 56 wives. lol

    Joseph Smith had 27 wives which is remarkable in that he only lived from 1805 - 1844. (39 years)

    Mormon people can google The Mountain Meadow Massacre and find out how Mormon's disguised themselves as First Nation "Indians", to murder and plunder a wagon train of wealthy Arkansas farmer's passing almost out of Utah/Mormon land on their way to Southern California, minding their own business. They "saved" the children 7 years and under and these traumatized children were absorbed into Mormon families. What a thoughtful "Christian" thing to do. Kill the parents and older children and "save" the youngin's . Not funny. Sick.

    In reference to the OP, Russell and Rutherford did not openly kill "worldly"™ people , like the Mormon's did at Mountain Meadows, but they castrated their own, men and women and children, making them WT drone slaves. All the while, the Drone - Slaves thought they were worshipping and serving God. Does God need a billion dollars in his pocket after selling off Brooklyn choice properties??? Then turn around and ask the Drone - Slaves for MORE money to build the GB's new Lakeside Country Estate in Warwich ??? Does God need a new Lakeside Country Estate or the GB? What would Jesus have to say about the GB's business practices??? Where did Jesus lay his head at night? Oh don't ask that question, silly me. The GB doesn't believe in BABY baptism's... Just children baptism's... Even though Jesus did not get baptized OR start knocking on doors until he was 30 and he was perfect. lol

    PS... Note to my self ... LoisLane take your self out to lunch and go shopping. You sound like you have cabin fever. lol lol

  • TD

    I would think that prior to being more open about the Russell era, there would be a period of months or even years where claims that are at odds with the period literature would be absent.

    How could they possibly 'come clean' about a part of their history if they were misrepresenting it just six months or a year or so ago?

  • wearewatchingyouman

    They do what they want to. When you're directed by Holy Spirit, but not inspired, and directed by Angels, but not directed by Angels anything is possible. Maybe in these final days they will be directed by Jesus, but not by Jesus as to all the misinformation they've been given in the past.

  • Vidiot

    I'm 100% positive they'd love to dump Russel; Rutherford, too.

    Even Freddy Franz, for that matter (for a whole s**t-ton of reasons).

    "Come clean", though? No f**king way.

    Their MO is to gradually phaze out blatantly wrong and/or embarassing policies and doctrines under the radar, so that by the time they're gone, nobody's even noticed.

    'Course, that's a lot harder in the Information Age.

  • steve2

    Nah - it will simply do more tinkering and side-stepping of problematic aspects of the Watchtower's crooked past. The squeaky clean GB would never be so stupidly courageous to "come clean" about Chuck Russell. Where the f would they start?! That would be as mad as "coming clean" about parts of the Bible not being the inspired word of God - once the ediface is questioned, it has far-reaching implications for other claims. A house of cards is not called that for nothing. The Watchtower has never "come clean" about anything; its modus operandi has been to 'fudge, fudge, fudge the kingdom'.

  • Jeffro
    Now the new tract according to another thread is discussing 1874 in it.

    Can you provide a link to the other thread?

  • Comatose

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