New! Borg instruct to report tract placements

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  • wannaexit

    I am not surprised. With these tract campaigns coming fast and furious, ragazine placements are falling behind. So they need to look for different and creative ways to keep the numbers up--so they can say " see brothers, looks how wonderful jehovahs' organization is"

    Pretty soon they are going to be counting sheets of toilet paper used while they are service.

  • jemba

    So whats the recommended donation on a tract anyway? lol


    This is significant strategic reporting move. These will be used to demostrate how large the JW readership is, as evidence of how successful and widespread their message is being proclaimed and in their annual reporting showing greater public benefit (although we know most tracts don't get read).

    Tracts are much easier to place - one can even give them away without saying anything to someone busy whereas the emphasis on magazines was to only give them to deserving cases. So reducing cost and increasing their stats in one single move.

    In a few years they will include a new section in their reporting of how many people they have reached by their table stand witnessing (one table in the high street for two hours with footfall of 10,000 people hour = 20,000 reached with the message... even though most will ignore them or be unaware or be indifferent).


  • besty

    or it could signal death of the awake...

  • AnnOMaly

    Counting tract placements? You gotta be kidding me.

    Are they going to divide the report slip columns into 'Tracts given to a person,' 'Tracts squashed through a not-at-home's door / into their mailbox,' 'Tracts taken from a literature cart,' 'e-Tracts sent as attachments'?

    "Yes brother, I've placed 7582 tracts this month. However, to keep track of them all, I will need to lug a diary the size of War and Peace around with me to note them all down in ... or maybe buy more memory for my tablet to cope with the sudden influx of data entry. I have little time to actually meet and TALK to people now because I have to write down every single occasion I give away all these flimsy bits of paper!"

  • iCeltic

    I was given the tract a few days ago then the next day a letter addressed to me personally asking me to come back..

  • Phizzy

    As lots of JW's lie on their report, the WT are likely to get back a figure larger than the number of Tracts they actually printed !

  • sir82

    In addition to all the above....

    It's another way to make the R&F feel guilty.

    "In looking at your publisher card, Brother Worm, I se you placed 586 tracts last month. While that's nice, are you sure you're following up on all the interest shown? You only reported 2 return visits. Surely you can follow up on more of those who express interest in our kingdom message by returning promptly and demonstrating a Bible Study...."

  • Comatose

    lol Phizzy its so true. What would they do when they get the numbers and see that it is reported that almost all the tracts are placed but they know congs have a surplus?

  • Comatose

    Sir82.... It is funny but also sad because I know a few Podunk towns who will do just that.

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