New! Borg instruct to report tract placements

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  • pixel

    There's a new letter coming up next week to be read instructing the publishers to begin reporting the number of tracts placed in the ministry, including copies of kingdom news 38, annual invitations, district handbills and other tracts. Lol.

    See, the borg is aLlegue about numbers, and why on earth do they tell you to start counting placement in the middle of a campaing, like the one they are doing now witk kingdom news 38 and not before it started??

    borg's weird.

  • zeb

    "There are three types of lies. Lies. Damned lies and.. statistics"

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle


  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    They want to know how many tracts end up in the closet.

  • pixel

    Watch those numbers up! Make you wonder who is taking those last-minute decisions nowdays at the Borg. Publishing house worry about production.

  • KateWild

    Its all about the numbers.......which leads to the advertising.......then the money

    Kate xx

  • blondie

    I wonder if they will add a column on the time slips for tracts.

    In my last congregation's tract campaign, the tracts were building up so the service overseer had the flock race through the territory stuffing them in the door so he could tell the CO they placed all theirs.

  • pixel

    Blondie, on the letter it says that for now, publishers have to write it down in the "booklets/brochures" column. And in the future, they will revise the form.

    Also on the letter, they say they gonna release a 4 minute video on their website title "why study the Bible?" On Nov. 18.

  • Splash

    I wonder if we'll see a move away from magazine work and there will be many more tract and leaflet campaigns instead. That would help keep the WT publishing costs down.

    Counting placements on a monthly report is used for determining the spirituality of someone, so if the magazine work reduces then they will have to count something else in their place, otherwise how will anyone know if a brother can be recommended for appointment?


  • besty

    Reported placements - Shipments = wastage, and on a per cong basis maybe an Invoice ;-)

    A while back I posted on website monitoring

    Whilst WTS are almost certainly analzying using offline webserver analysis it will be interesting to watch the website for any evidence of online trackers - so far still showing zero.

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