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  • rubadubdub

    Random guess-- Since the GB decided to use their Japanese Bindery to print the "Silver Sword" (I do have photos in a PDF.) instead of the printing presses in WallKill, I think they will be selling off WallKill next. Of course, they wouldn't let the rank and file in on anything that big in advance, so it's probably not what this letter is about. Anywho, they don't need all that farmland to feed the downsized US Bethel Family, and Wallkill will be the oldest of the three upstate NY properties once the new compound is finished. Just sayin'

  • Gayle

    rubabdubdub,,interesting "guessimation." thx.

  • exwhyzee

    This just in... Jehovah told us Blood Transfusions are OK provided the donor hadn't recently sacraficed anything to an idol and so long as Sisters are wearing a head covering when receiving blood donated by a male.

  • rubadubdub

    Thanks, Gayle! Apparently, they carried on at the AGM about how Jehovah blessed the printing of the new Bible with such fine weather! The first thing that popped into my head was, hmmm, it was hazy, hot and humid for three weeks in July. We had August weather in the Northeast in July. How did that help? Then low and behold in my email inbox I find .pdf from a dub that doesn't know I'm out-- dozens of photos documenting the "Silver Sword" was Made in Japan!

    Always follow the money. If it's cheaper to have Bethel in Japan do such a big job than to have it done in Wallkill, there you have it.

  • jam

    The Messiah have arrived, he is one of the GB members.


    Is the School for real? Great. Now that's all I will hear about... That BSCC was a huge flop. The out of touch GB have no idea what families go through just to make ends meet, they think we have time to take off, UNPAID, to sit and hear a mash-up of the Proclaimers and Light-bearers books and "ideas." It's desperation. I remember a young "up and coming" couple in a drama about the BSCC. They kept saying BSCC over and over. I was like ," Fetch" is NOT happening.. The end of the org can't come soon enough for me.


  • carla

    Designs please check your pm if you have time

    Sorry if we are not supposed to be posting 'check your pm' thing anymore, my apologies.

  • emeth

    rubadubdub your guess is just what it is.. a guess and a poor one. I guess you missed the recent video of the Walkill expansion project

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The ever-changing and updating WTBTS!

    The new school will be known as SKE.......'School For Kingdom Evangelizers'. Wonder how long this one will last!

    Apparently the BSSB and BSCC like many other WT programs were duds!

    I remember the Pioneer Assist Program was short lived. It too was a loser/lemon from the beginning!

    WT has a reputation of opening schools/programs for this and that and closing them because as they say.....'they served their purpose'.

  • GromitSK

    Blood Transfusions are ok as long as the donor wasn't strangled?

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