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  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    Unstop - you need to play hardball with your wfie about your son's exposure to WBTS indoctrination (play the headship card) - don't let her read the Bible stories book with him (the stories are designed to embed themselves in his sub-conscous as phobias to be sued by the WBTS as beingt he only safe haven from those phobias - children accept this stuff unquestioningly). I believe teacing that material as fact is a form of child abuse. Don't let her take him and come up with some smart messages to get him to understand the problems - let him see how they treat you for having a different view from them and explain that if he gets baptized but then changes his mind then his mum and her family will stop talking to him. Make protecting your son your biggest priority. I have stopped my wife from indoctirnating my son and have managed to deprogram him (he is 7 now but was exposed from age 3 unitl age 6 - the most powerful weapon I had was to tap inot his observatiosn of the treatment my wife got when she was d'fed before she was reinstated to tell him 'they are very nice to you now to try to get you to become like them but if you don't agree with them or don't obey their very strict rules they can be very mean - look ho whtey treated Mummy' ) but he still has a phobia of churches. Good luck and congrats on your new found freedom. others here ahve learnt the lesson of compromising on allowing thier JW spouse to take their kids to the Hall etc. when the kid gets baptized without the non-JW parent's knowledge or consent Frazzled

  • unstopableravens

    frazzle: i know what you mean, the last thing i want is him grwoing up in the cult. he needed t know the truth about the hall

  • DS211

    Congratulations unstopable--for "family worship" i dont do it formally. I told my wife we would read a few chapters from the bible each day and that i felt Jesus was a huge focus for our kids...for whatever reason she agreed. so i focus on him and the heavenly hope with them. And i just keep it simple and give them advice any good parent woukd. Love your family no matter what, never stop helping them, share, be kind to everyone not just JW friends, etc. my wife agrees that our kids need to particupate in sports and get an education and im trying to keep her mind fixed on that. But i wish you the best with your family! I know its tough with a wufe whos indoctrinated...just time and patience will help.


  • unstopableravens

    ds211 beautiful man! im glad your able to do that man. yeah i regret not playing football for my high school. and i dont want him to miss out on playing school sports.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Unstoppableravens: ...we did study together for a while and she would tell me that she learned alot from our studies but she put a stop to that because i would not study a wt publication. i told her when we study she could use one but when the bible said differnt we would have to figure out why. that did not last too long and she said no more studies at all.

    Well, perhaps the situation is salvageable to some degree.

    Your wife sounds as though she is communicating and that’s good. Perhaps you should concentrate on the root of your differences. If she wants to use the Watchtower, start with the assumption that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is what it claims to be. What are the major evidences, in her mind, that it is of God? When has she had the thought that wow, no one could have had these amazing insights without being directed by the Jehovah! Ask her to explain some of these insights and some of the demonstrable prophetic insights published by Society leaders since its inception, leaving out, of course, all the “invisible” signs of the Kingdom’s coming and concentrating on actual prophetic fulfillment. This is quite easy to do with the ancient church. Jesus’ foretelling of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, for example. There was no spiritual fulfillment; it was an actual, literal fulfillment.

    If you can concentrate on these, you can utilize both the Bible and the Watchtower publications. If the Society can be shown to be the Lord’s church on Earth, then there’s no point denying it. But if the prophecies dead end and the doctrines fit like square blocks into round holes, then she ought to wake up and smell the coffee! It’s not a difficult procedure and, to me, it’s fairly self-evident to see which way this thing would come down, but sometimes you just have to reverse engineer events and see if they pan out.

    Communication is key, and if she at any point becomes angry and puts her foot down, you won’t make any progress. And you can bet that not only your in-laws will be working against you, but the Outfit! When you’re not around, you can expect divisive forces to chip away at your credibility, righteousness and character. If your wife sees the light, it will create problems with her family and then they will resent YOU for causing her to stumble.

    You almost can’t win.


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