Does the WBT$ Train JW`s to be SocioPaths?!..

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  • wasblind

    " You don't have to be a JW to be crazy "_____Wallsof Jericho

    True, But most of them become crazy and don't know if they

    should scratch thier watch or wind their ass

    Years in a religion such as this can truly take a toll on ones mindset



  • wallsofjericho

    True, But most of them become crazy

    I think most become very depressed... but that does not necessarily mean "crazy"

    many non-JW's are depressed too.... years of living life without a true sense of meaing and self worth will do that to anyone. Many JW's fit that bill after a life time of knocking on doors with no Armageddon in site, parents and loved ones long dead, and no money in the bank.


    many non-JW's are depressed too....wallsofjerico


    Pointing to people with the same problems outside the WBT$..

    Minimilizes the harm the WBT$ does to JW`s..

    It`s like when you bring up the WBT$ Pedophile Problem to a JW..And..

    They reply..


    Well What About the Catholic`s??!!..


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  • wasblind

    Many Non- JW's are depressed too ____walls of jericho

    True. But....... non- JW's own up to bein' unhappy which contributes to thier depression

    Jehovah's Witnesses who are depressed go d2d claimin' to be the " Happiest people on earth "

    I know. It boggles the mind don't it


    I need to borrow Mutely OUTLAW

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Most jws are nice people who've been misled. We were like that when we were jws, certainly not sociopathic. I do think, however, that many who end up in high positions are like that. It's an organization that's easy to climb if you're a man with half a brain who can turn on some charm. There are many gullible victims to be had. The worst part is, these sociopaths really do believe they are serving God and are saved.

  • Make Lemonade
    Make Lemonade

    This is an ongoing area of interest to me. Here are some quotes from my life expeirence that I suspect fit in with sociopathic behavior.

    Wt. Lawyers:

    "I am a lawyer by day and an elder by night"

    "I have to wear two hats. I am an elder first and a lawyer second".

    "There is no justice, there is just us".

    Jehovah's Witnesses:

    "It is not a lie if you believe it". (This was said regarding preaching the 1914 generation, which proved to be false. I know it is a George Costanza quote)

    "Some speculate that each creative day was 7,000 years long". (Said at a literature display by a witnesss)

    "We are not a prophet we are a "prophet". (various examples thru out Wt. literature)

    "Bible students were looking forward to Christ's Presence". (reality is that 1874 was taught to be Christ's Presence)

    "Confusion about the names of the planets" (why "scholars" did not use the planets mentioned on vat 4956. Will provide reference if requested.)

    "Apostates built the pyramid at Russels grave site".

    "We have no authority to correct the service department or legal department. We have to DF you for speaking agianst the 'glorious ones' ".

    "I cannot give you my cell phone number because you do not go to meetings". (Mother told daughter this)

    M.S. gave a service meeting talk day after his son committed suicide.

    Elder told daughter to dissasociate herself rather than going to a committee meeting to be dissfellowshipped. Why? Easier to be reinstated.

    Elder condemning "Stars Wars" even though his two children's rooms were full of Stars Wars related items. I mean floor to ceiling.

    "I want to sue the Wt., but will continue to study the bible with interested ones".


  • cultBgone

    Outlaw, your initial post amazingly described my ex's personality 100%. Somehow it's helpful to see the description in print, it reinforces that I wasn't crazy even though he slandered me with every mean-spirited accusation possible. Control freak con-artist to the max, and he fit right in with the elders at the hall.

    He was born-in to parents who believed they shouldn't have children because the end was soooo close...his mom openly said that it was embarrassing back then to become pregnant because it meant you didn't follow the wts teachings. No wonder these little babies grow up crazified.

    Am extremely sorry I married him because of the damage to my kids, but blissfully I did get him away from us. Took a bit longer to get away from the borg, but so happy to be out of that as well.

    Many, many sisters suffered and were medicated for severe depression in the halls we attended, especially in rural areas where they had no place to turn and no place to hide. The ones I know are all still stuck. What a life...if you knew that all you had was a freakishly controlling elder hubby and the rest of your days on this beautiful earth were's amazing that pills are all they take. I think a great many elders' wives probably know TTATT but don't have the strength or support to get out.


    Most jws are nice people who've been misled.....Julia Orwell..

    I`d have to agree with you Julia,but I would add..

    "and are now capable of extremely nasty behaviour"


    Make Lemonade..

    Hypocrisy is common among JW`s..



    I showed the sociopath definition to a relative who`s husband was extremely abusive..

    A few years later they went for counseling..

    The husband was diagnosed as being a sociopath..

    Like you,she was able to get away from her abusive husband..

    She lives a very happy life now..

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  • KateWild

    I think there are some born - ins, who if indoctrinated will be likely candadates to become sociopaths, I also think the WT attracts them. Kate xx

  • talesin

    I think you raise an interesting point, OUTLAW, and it has its pros and cons. Behaviours may apper to be sociopathic, yes, but I disagree.

    Here's why .... most JWs are depressed, unhappy people. Sociopaths have neither a conscience, nor empathy. These depressed invidividuals are suffering because they are not sociopaths, but are brainwashed by the cult into acting like one. Shunning is a good example. Who BUT sociopath could shun their own parents? children? This causes great distress to many faithful JWs, who have a conscience, possess empathy, and it totally messes with their heads.

    Now, I think it would be really interesting to test all the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and see how many of them are sociopaths! We only dislike the ones who commit heinous criminal acts, but the ones who commit heinous crimes against humanity (sweatshops, for example, and child labour) are rewarded with 7 figure salaries.

    Oh, I have at least 2 sociopaths in my family .... but being JWs has nothing to do with it. JW or not, they would be sick, controlling individuals who possess not a shred of empathy.

    Very interesting topic!


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