Life after death OR Consciousness after death?

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  • Space Madness
    Space Madness

    Are we conscious after death? If we don't understand why and how consciousness exsist now, how do we know it doesn't continue after death? Can consciousness survive the death of the body? If consciousness is seperate from the body, shouldn't it survive the body? Could this second level of consciousness be a sort of heaven or hell? Is it possible that negative energy weigh on our conscious, and if we have too much negativity on our conscious, our second level for consciousness will be negative. Could the results be having to spend your second level of consciousness as a rock or animal, since you abused your gift of being the most intelligent creature in the universe. Could this cycle continue until the earth is filled with people of good karma. Could this be paradise earth? Or is our second consciousness on another planet or in another universe?

  • cantleave

    Consciousness is a consequence of synaptic activity in the brain. Once the neural electro-chemical responses stop so does consciousness.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    I've been clinically dead and saw the 'light'. I think it's the last spark in one's conscious before it's lights-out for good. many on the brink of death have seen 'the light'. Whatever it is, I don't think it's to be feared.

  • KateWild

    Many want to believe that this life is not the only life we have. Would be nice if it wasn't - Kate xx

  • prologos

    I think Cant leave has it right. You can even be KNOCKED un conscious, scrambling the neurons/connections somewhat, and not fell, and remember after ward what hit you.

    Once the brain is seriously changed, deprived of nourishment, how could that internal function exist? be restored, sustained without its original chemically/ electric pattern? its function?

    It is not you cant leave, you will leave, by yourself not continue, or return.

    Live well.

  • LisaRose

    How do we know consciousness doesn't continue after death? We don't. On the other hand, what evidence do we have that there is an afterlife? None that I can believe in.

    I think people want to believe in it because they fear death and cannot accept that this is all their is. It is like a security blanket, it just makes you feel better. I prefer reality.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    have you been conscious before you were conceived?

  • sir82

    If we don't understand why and how consciousness exsist now, how do we know it doesn't continue after death?

    Who says we don't understand it?

  • Seraphim23

    Twice in my life when relatives have died, certain interesting things happened. The first time many years ago was when my aunt was in hospital and my parents received a phone call late one night. My aunt was already in hospital and quite ill and the phone call was to inform my mother that she might want to come to the hospital because my aunt Tess had taken a turn for the worst, but death was not imminent at this point. After the call my parents had a stressed debate because my mum has agoraphobia and the prospect of traveling to the hospital at a moment’s notice was a bit much for her. A minute or so into this debate I saw a white light flash into view at the end of the hall way. Mum and dad were in the room where the telephone was, so were not in a position to see it. It was a very white light like nothing I had ever seen at that point in my life before and I reasoned that it might mean my aunt had died. Literally two minutes later as you may guess, the phone rang again from the hospital telling my dad that she had died.

    The second experience was a little different but the timing element was the same which to me shows that brain chemistry is not the explanation here, as I was not dying but my relative was. In both cases I was nowhere near the dying relative when they died and in the second case I didn’t even know that my relative had any health issues at all. Make of this what you will, but I know what I experienced.

  • Mum

    As a poster on another board said many years ago, we are here by some random circumstance. Who is to say we might not end up someplace else at some point? Or not. It's in the unknowable category unless the deceased begin to communicate with us.

    Seraphim 23: My mother told me that at the time of her grandmother's death, she was in bed. She felt something pulling at her shoulders. Also my niece dreamed of Princess Diana "in a long room" begging for the care of her children on the night Diana died. My niece said she woke up and thought, "Wow! That was weird!" Then she went back to sleep, and Diana was still there pleading on behalf of her children. There is no explanation for some things, but they make you wonder.

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