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  • clarity

    (((Chelle ))) so sorry, you poor kid is tough enough

    without a RealEstate Company demanding hate for family members!


    Maybe while your Son is so little ... take the time to make some plans,

    don't worry about mom & gramma etc taking care of him a bit.


    Take advantage of that time to look for work, get financial help,

    join a group or look for subsidized housing.


    The harder you resist your mom ... the harder she will pull on you!


    Relax, smile... and go with the flow right remember

    this don't you... "be cautious as serpents but innocent as doves"


    All the best ...keep posting, keep your chin up, be strong!


  • Junebuggie


    Nice to meet you, and have you here. I am fairly new on here, but would like to offer some suggestions.

    Like many of the others, I say you should find a day care for your son..find a job, take some night classes if you can or online classes. Meet new people, nice people who will be

    willing to be an unconditional friend to you & love you for you. But do for yourself what you wouldn't be allowed to do if you were still in the JW. As far as your parents seeing the

    baby, I would suggest meeting in a neutral place, or your place. If they can't visit with you and be civil to you, then I would not take my baby to parents house....the indoctrination will

    start as soon as the baby is old enough to talk. You have been thru a rough time, and dropping your baby off to your parents would only make things harder on you.

    My 5 year old daughter was in intensive care unit in the hospital years ago. JW would not speak to me or my then husband, because we were both df'd. But came to see my

    daughter without saying anything encouraging to me, or expressing that they were sorry that my little girl was in the hospital.

    Please find some good friends, get housing help, food help, utility help , what ever you can and provide a good life for yourself and the baby...If your parents want to see him bad enought, they will have to do it on your terms.

    Hope the best for you.

  • flipper

    Hi, Chelle! Flip told me you were here - I sent you a pm. Phone's the same if you want to call. It would be so good to hear your voice. There are a lot of really good people on this board - glad you are back. So sorry for what you have been through.

    love, Mrs. Flip

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