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  • chellechellereturns

    Hello all. I used to be a member both here and jwd before but have been absent for many years. I was known as chellechelle before. Ugh life has changed a lot in those years. was dfd at 17 left and moved in with my boyfriend who was also a member here. When I was 19 we got married a year and a half later we separated. The last year of my life was the real rollercoaster though. Met who I thought was a great guy and became pregnant. I then endured the year of hell as he became an abusive asshole and left me as soon as my son was born to be with his ex. I left him when my son was two months old and had no choice but to move in with my Jehovah's Witness family because I had nowhere to go. I was treated like shit for months until I finally got housing September first. I had to stay in the basement wasnt allowed to even stay in the same room with a jw family member. Was constantly talked to about how I was making my sisters bf uncomfortable by my meer presence. Meanwhile he hD an apartment he could go to. I am trying to take care of a newborn and have nothing. It was BAD. I'm glad to be out on my own now but it's still hard raising him on my own trying to fix myself after all I've been through and still being put down left and right. There was a huge fight in my family as my sister is getting married the end of November and my grandmother asked my jw mother if I'd be invited. To which she got the reply of of course not she made the decision to do wrong she left her family. But yet they want me to drop off my son for them to spend time with as long as I dont speak to them when I do. I'm having a lot of trouble with them lately so I'm glad you all are still Round and I could come back for some support :)

  • Ding

    Welcome back!

    I hope that we are able to help you here and that your situation improves soon.

  • Watchtower-Free

    Welcome .

    We know your pain

  • jamiebowers

    Please avail yourself of all of the social programs that are available in your area, including counseling. Things are tough now, but you can determine your future. Get a skill or education, so you'll always be indepenent. Good luck to you!

  • jgnat

    I want it to get better for you, to hear some good things about yourself. I hope you find a peaceful place to live, and new friends who will build instead of tear down.

    P.S. Is there a moms and tots program in your neighbourhood?

    P.P.S Is grandma on your team?

  • Comatose

    Sorry sorry sorry! Very unfair. Sadly not even required by the JW standards but sounds like your family goes the extra mile. Please keep on being positive.

    Glad to have you back.

    I know it would be nice to have your son know his family... But, do you want them indoctrinating him? I would NEVER allow my childrent to be alone with my relatives. If they want to see him they can have you there. That is "neccesary family business".

  • chellechellereturns

    My original plan was not to let them be in his life but now that his dad is gone and his family is far away my family is all he has I feel like I'd be depriving my son if I don't let them see him. I did say no jw stuff is Everton be discussed with him or they won't be spending time anymore but who knows how long that will last.

  • LostGeneration

    Sounds like you have been through a real tough spell, I hope things improve.

    But yet they want me to drop off my son for them to spend time with as long as I dont speak to them when I do.

    This is abuse, and disgusting behavior to boot. I would really reconsider allowing this kind of relationship to continue as you described. You and your son deserve better, in fact you must demand better behavior from those around you. If they don't want to do it, then they can live with the consequences.

  • Comatose

    Consider your son will grow up thinking mom is a disgusting apostate no one else be around... Not acceptable. They can suffer through me being there or get no time.

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