My gast was flabbered

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  • DeWandelaar

    My wife has that thought as well since a short time... that is IF we would ever see a Armageddon before we pass away.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Look closely at all of these comments from good "In the Truth" JWs..................

    Does the GB/WTS have ANY IDEA that so many of their flock share these views? Views that are clearly NOT JW Doctrine!!

    Should they be concerned!! Damn right they should.

    I'll say it again, JWs are now dining ala carte at Jehovah's Table.

    They take what they like, and disregard the rest.

    The R&F JW is beginning to see not to put too much stock into anything said doctrinally because it could easily be changed tomorrow with New Lite.


  • sir82

    I have discovered that most JWs, if you pin them down and make them squirm, have some variation of that belief.

    The idea of God slaughtering 7 billion plus people, the vast majority of whom never received a personal witness (and those who did likely only got a hurried & disinterested 20 second "magazine presentation"), is so abominable that all but the most mentally unstable JWs reject it.

    It requires quite a bit of cognitive dissonace to hold on to that thought, and also maintian teh party line that the preaching work is "vital" and "urgent" and "life saving". This in turn leads to things like the "pioneer shuffle" and the JW literature carts where, anecdotally at least, JWs seem to go out of their way to ignore everyone who approaches.

  • jgnat

    LOL, TTAT! I've had an interviewee show up with a cross pin on her lapel, and her evangelical service broadly highlighted on her resume. She couldn't complete a simple sort test, however, changing the rules halfway through.

    I say we dodged the bullet with that one.

  • Finkelstein

    TTATT getting through?

    Not really, heard that many times before from die hard JWS.

    Just junk talk from people who are persuaded into delusional thinking.

  • cantleave

    It is a mechanism for reconciling the irreconcilable.

  • KateWild

    You never know? I hope so for your sake-Kate xx

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