Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 11-03-2013 WT Study (REMINDERS)

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    A problem with people in general is knowing history repeats in striking ways (like world wars), but fail to recognize the initial patterns of it's replication by denial, distraction or lack of understanding. By the time it all repeats, the general societal ignorance becomes the anecdote of the next generation who learn for a while, then repeat the same thing.

    JWs are te same way in their microcosm. Although furnished with not just history, they are taught repeating principles as Israel's judgment foreshadowed Christendom's judgment for pretty much the same disloyal to God alliances. When reading the Bible and concocting Bethel commentary everything bad applies to everyone else, everything good applies to JWs, apostates are outside the WT castle, not ruling it from the Bethel throne (2Thess2:3-4), everything negative develops in the world, not in the "blessed" JW microcosm. (Rev8 "earth").

    Thus by denial, blindness and distraction, JWs have ALL the patterns repeating in their own midst in their own microcosm, including divine disloyalty (UN NGO), predatory policy (pervert protection program), and many Bethel forms of lawlessness by policy. Yet keeping with blind humanity JWs apply none of Israel's history to themselves, although Israel's history provides explicit examples replicating in direct principle right in the congregations and right in the elite Bethel synagogue.

    Although the divine judgment pattern is now replicating for sometimes a third time, with four manifestations including the original, all repeating at various times in history, like all those times in history upon the blind recipients of the judgment, the GB self-approves themselves as already "faithful" and call this premature self-judgment "discreet", and now JWs of course follow psychological suit as also pre-approved. Once again like the blind leading the blind, the religious leaders of Jehovah's witnesses now also repeat the pattern of leading their people to catastrophe (literally, WT 11/15/13 pg. 20, par. 17, #3) in a period of repeating human history as well, and now the world and JWs are all oblivious to what a 500 trillion dollar worldwide national debt (and unfunded liabilities) controlled implosion must mean.

    Although the perfect financial storm of worldwide financial ruin for Bethel is now blowing wind right into the Bethel sand castle, and the waves are lapping near beach, and the big one is coming, JWs are in LaLa land, yet claim "it can end any day now brothers!", when in fact the world gloalization of finance and monetary system will take years and inspite of some severe tribulatory effects worldwide, will be the only hope of recovery. (Of course the nations will have to surrender their core sovereign power (Rev17:11-17) which ultimately boils down to wealth first that must globalize into the master creditor system (Dan11:42-43))

    Thus JWs also aid the general ignorance in the world's "end of the world" thinking that another world war continuation of the current world war "global war on terror" is the "great tribulation" leading quickly to Armageddon - or just "naturally" nuclear doom. Even if tribulatory which it will be, the world globalization process into a final "8th King" world government CANNOT occur overnight, will take several years, will have full vocalization of intent, will resolve globalized finance, will resolve that world war for world "peace and security" to present said world government (like all the world war resolutions; 1919, 1945, 1990) and will be a full fledged worldwide international governmental system (beyond UN scope and function, but including it), and "the end" cannot come before that world government completes, and that takes several years of radical world changes to complete world globalization, depose national sovereignty, and absorb the quadrillion in former dollars valuated hard asset wealth of deposed religious sovereignty worldwide to aid the recovery process.

    Meaning a "freedom from care" (Dan8:25) as a worldwide "peace and security" (1Thess5:1-3) must also come first as the climax of a cycle not yet activated in earnest, just showing signs.

    It is merely all repeating but into a final cycle of completion to result from this repetition, and it is all also repeating in JWs, and the repetition of brazen lawlessness from the Bethel core in JWs, does not bode well for JWs who also cannot avoid the preliminary judgment repeating on their beloved Bethel system of idolatry with years of brazen transgressions and disloyalty to core Kingdom responsibilities (UN NGO and 8th King cover up as King North). This is not going to be a divine approval process befalling JWs, let's put it that way, but a judgment marker, and it is all repeating in a most comprehensive fashion on JWs and the world contextual development in general, with massive world implications also primed for a global shaking to provide the context for Bethel's downfall (financially and organizationally), just as sudden and complete as Jerusalem's or Bethel's downfall of old, it's "mother" pattern. (Hos2:5; 4:5; Matt24:15).

    I would guess about 1 in 1000 in JWs and the world will even recognize this replication of world and or spiritual principles cannot remain static indefinitely. It must follow the general course of a well beaten path in world and Bible history repeating concurrently. Again...

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Thanks Blondie :-)

  • whathappened

    Thanks, dear Blondie.

  • prologos

    thank you, and glad to be able to see your questions without the "fog" we get anyway.

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    Thanks, Blondie! You're a vital part of the deprogramming process for many of us that are newly awakened. Your hard work is truly appreciated.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Par 2 reads in part as follows:

    'Unlike human laws, which often need to be amended or updated, Jehovah's laws and regulations are always trustworthy......they never become faulty or inadequate. The psalmist said: "The righteousness of your reminder is to time indefinite."'--Ps 119:144.

    Compare the above quote to the many amendments and updates to JW doctrine that appears in the recent July 15, 2013 Watchtower Study Edition:

    1. The new identity of the Faithful And Discreet Slave.

    2. The new understanding of who the Domestics are.

    3. The amendent to the definition and understanding of the 'Generation'.

    4. The update on who the Evil Slave is or is not.

    5. Adjustment to Jesus' belongings.

    6. Change on the fulfillment of Daniel 12:3.

    7. Correction on whether the anointed will survive the Great Tribulation to live in the New World before being taken to heaven.

    8. New understanding of when Jesus' inspection took place.

    No doubt there are many more updates and amendments to come in the months ahead. The WTBTS truly takes the cake on being faulty and inadequate in understanding Jehovah's reminders!

  • eyeuse2badub

    I'm with you Blondie on how too, too often the org uses the OT to provide examples. Not a well planned out idea if one really looks at the examples cited. For example, paragraph 6 uses Josiah. He was probably a good person. BUT WOW! "Beginning at the tender age of eight,...." He was a child! Someone else was either making his decisions or heavily influencing his decisions. If one reads the Biblical account of Josiah in 2 Chron. 34 ,35, and 36 you will discover some very interesting facts about Josiah that WOULD NOT QUALIFY as a good example for a Christian today.

    1) Chapter 34:1 says Josiah was 8 (a child) when he became King. That isn't very realistic for our time.

    2) Chapter 34:3 says Josiah was "still a boy" in the eighth year of his reign. So he was 16 (8+8=16). BUT according to the Bible, "still a boy".

    3) Chapter 34:1 and Chapter 35:24 tells us Josiah died at age 39. Why didn't Jehovah protect examplary Josiah from the Egyptians' arrows?

    4) Chapter 36:1, 2 says his 23 year old son, Jehoahaz, began reigning in his place.

    4) So Josiah was 39 when he died and his 23 years old son Jehoahaz takes over which means Josiah was about 16 when his son was born.

    5) So 'evidently' Josiah was only 14 or 15 when he got married or as the Bible puts it, he was "still a boy". (Wonder how old his wife was.)

    6) So is 14 or 15 a good age to get married if you are good examplary JW?


  • prologos

    I can not make myself listen to this stuff at the meetings, BUI was struck by the assigned song 114,

    the last line in the first stanza,

    "--------------------------------------- inspired---

    And by his holy spirit they were FIRED" ---- I thought:

    Why does he NOT FIRE them too?

  • Jeannette

    Thanks, Blondie. I look forward to these articles, and I am so happy I missed the meeting yesterday and went to a Celtic Festival instead, ha ha.

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