How do JW's get reinstated?

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  • anewlife

    Welcome aboard Sally. If you can understand Happy Man the one part where he said it takes about a year, perhaps two is as accurate as I know. I was DF'd two years ago and the elders told me as soon as they announced it that if I start with regular meeting attendance and heartfelt praying I could probably be reinstated in about a year. They told me it takes about a year for anyone anymore. However, what some of the others have said is probably true, i.e. that it really depends on who you are. I, (should I have decided I wanted to be reinstated) would have taken a year for sure because I was an elder's wife and "new better" for what I had done and how dare I shame an elder and my family in that way. It does seem that sisters for an act of infidelity are "punished" a little longer than the brothers. Just my opinion.

    Hyghlander: Interesting comment about your "sperm donor." Six months...that figures!

  • teejay

    I have a friend that was DF'd last year. He hasn't committed the "sin" in a year and doesn't plan on doing it again either. He has been very strong and wants to get reinstated. He has been a JW all his life and it is all he knows. Why is it taking so long? What does he have to do? Is it just a matter of time?

    Dang, Sally, your friend is on the exact same path I was:

    Raised in the truth. Committed a sin but remained spotless thereafter. Was strong and wanted to get reinstated. Good grief!

    Among JWs, you can’t over-estimate the political angle when it comes to getting reinstated. For example, if your friend was the son of an elder, they would never have been disfellowshipped to begin with, unless they were videoed onstage at the Kingdom Hall ‘having freaky relations’ with the PO’s wife on local TV. Birth order is also important. So is the size of one’s bank account. In some cases, so is race.

    You’ve left a lot unsaid here, but then... I haven’t read past your initial post. Perhaps there’s more to the story...

  • Sally

    I just read your bio. I should have guessed you were from Arkansas when you said "dang"!
    So it's better to get reinstated and then go inactive. That way you can still have your JW friends and family and your pagan friends too.

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