Sanctify Gods name

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  • jamclark

    As a Jew (tribe of Judah) and thus a Hebrew, He came in his Father's name. Certainly he told his disciples and others His name and His Father's name, as in Yahusha, coming in His Father's name Yahuah.

    Most Bible prefaces and scholars say it is Yahweh, with the Son's name Yahushua (as in very similar to the Yehoshua, or in English Joshua).

    So JWorg's The Truth is off track from simply transliterating Hebrew names (let alone the sounds of J and V not used by Hebrews, nor the J by Greeks or English intil the mid 1600s).

  • Stauros

    Sanctify is to purify or make clean. GOD has been blamed for many things that His creation has done. The truth will be made known to all creation, which will make GOD clean and pure as He truly is.......


  • Phizzy

    When reading the Bible we all tend to read it with the modern use of language, we do not see how language was used in the time of writing.

    Did Jesus mean a literal name of God, like Tom Dick or Harry ? or was he talking about a "name" as used in previous times, more along the lines of reputation. For example the name change of Abram to Abraham etc. More about what the person stood for and has done, or will do.

    Surely that is what needed sanctifying, setting apart, so much approbrium had been heaped upon the "name" (reputation) of God by Jewish sects and the whole nation on occasion, that the reputation needed to be re-established, that god was a god of love.

    To get hung up on what was, or was not the "personal" name of God was surely not Jesus' point.

  • cantleave

    I am sure lies like this do nothing to sanctify anyone's name.......

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